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Virtual Desktops in Redding, CT

Computing in today's corporate milieu is fraught with challenges. Factors like ease of management, security, scalability, and maintenance of costly software and hardware are all important considerations that organizations look into when it comes to choosing the right solutions for their computing infrastructure.

Thanks to the development of new technologies, however, enterprises can now take advantage of alternatives that let them explore new ways of deploying and managing computing in general. One of these is desktop virtualization.

Desktop virtualization allows organizations to host desktops from central server rooms or from data centers. When using such an infrastructure, multiple computer operating systems are concentrated onto a data center, affording administrators the benefit of having centralized control over all of them. Each virtual desktop offers the same working environment one would find if the operating system were running on a physical hardware like a personal computer.

Aside from efficient deployment of operating systems, virtual desktops offer several other benefits for administrators. One of these is greater control of desktop security. For instance, companies concerned with protecting proprietary data can choose to lock down the information in virtual desktops so that they can't be copied to the local machine or to external devices. Virtual desktops are also a great way to keep data off devices like laptop computers, which can easily get stolen.

Virtual desktops can also deal with flexibility and scalability concerns. Does a temporary employee or third-party consultant need to work in your environment? No problem. You can easily deploy a virtual desktop as the need arises. Do you need to roll out a new operating system to select individuals within the company? With a virtual desktop infrastructure, that's quite a straightforward process because administrators can simply replicate the core operating system image so that it can be used by additional users.

With so many things you can do with a virtual desktop infrastructure, it makes sense to explore how it can complement or enhance your IT management and security operations. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with LeBlanc Communications at 203-938-8400 to learn more it.