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Investing in the right telephone and computer network systems and services is very important if you want your organization to be able to take full advantage of all the benefits of a modern telecommunications infrastructure. Close-up of a man's hand dialing a business phone
In Danbury, Connecticut, LeBlanc Communications is a service provider that stands out when it comes to delivering award-winning solutions that help improve business production, promote employee collaboration, and drive innovation and growth.

Reliable and economical telecom systems for enterprises
in Danbury, CT

At LeBlanc Communications, we work hard in order to “Give Your Network a Voice.” We help our clients install, commission, maintain, and repair telecommunications devices and systems at reasonable costs.

Our experienced professionals will help you every step of the way, from pre-sales consulting to after-sales customer support, enabling you to have the most rewarding experience with the products you have chosen to obtain from us.

For more than two decades, LeBlanc Communications has built solid partnerships with various technology leaders, enabling the team to deliver only the most sophisticated telephony and network solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

Close-up of a man's hand dialing a business phone

Our products and services include: 


We are your LOCAL telephone provider and expert! We understand Connecticut and Westchester company needs because we live and work here ourselves. Our local business has been operating for 21 years from Fairfield County. Instead of an online or phone relationship, LeBlanc Communications representatives can meet you in person. We are currently serving customers in Danbury and are looking forward to helping YOU.

Please call us now at 203-938-8400 or send us a message using this contact form. We are eager to build strong relationships with our customers, so you are more than welcome to schedule a meet-up with our team when you have a chance.

Learn about Danbury, CT

Saint Peter’s Church in Danbury, CT Located in Fairfield County in the state of Connecticut, Danbury ranks as the seventh most populous city in the state. It had a population of more than 83,600 people in 2013.

Map Danbury, CT

Danbury was named in honor of the village of Danbury in Essex, England, from which many of its original settlers originated. Originally known as Phaquioque after the Native American people of the same name, it was settled by the English colonists in 1685. These settlers initially named their community “Swampfield,” but the name was changed to “Danbury” two years later, in 1687.

The town, incorporated in 1702, played an important role as a Continental Army military supply depot a few decades later during the American Revolution. Danbury’s central portion was incorporated as a borough in 1822 before being reincorporated as the city of Danbury in 1889. The city and the town were consolidated in 1965.

Danbury has been nicknamed “Hat City” because of its important history as a center of the hat making industry, with the first hat factory opening in 1780. By 1904, it was producing a quarter of all the hats that were being made in the United States.