Telecommunications Installation and Services in Torrington, CT

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If you need the best telecommunications service provider for your telephone and computer network equipment for your business, you can count on us at LeBlanc Communications.

We have been providing quality service for enterprises for all sorts of telecommunications and computer network solutions for many years. We've also been recognized by different organizations as one of the top providers of service for the industry. We'll make sure that your business remains a success for many years to come.

We have experienced technicians and engineers who know the processes for both the planning and implementation of the networking and telecommunications infrastructure. They also have plenty of hands-on experience and can offer valuable advice on your purchase, and the right products to strengthen your business.

Communications Services in Torrington

  • Cable installations for copper and fiber
  • Installation of a dedicated switch, router, and firewall
  • Phone system installation with support and day-to-day changes
  • Wireless infrastructure (WiFi installation or fixed rooftop wireless)
  • Telecom carrier selection and ongoing management
  • Free telecom bill auditing

Reliable Telecommunications and Network System Solutions in Torrington, CT

Residents and business owners of Torrington, Connecticut rely on only one brand for all their telecommunications solutions and needs: LeBlanc Communications. To learn more about the services that we offer, you can get in touch with us at 203-938-8400. You can also leave us a message on contact LeBlanc Communications.

Learn About Torrington, CT

Torrington is the largest city in Litchfield County, Connecticut. It’s also the core city of the largest micropolitan area in the United States. It’s a former mill town and Downtown Torrington is home to the Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts, which specializes in training ballet dancers. Their Company performs in the Warner Theatre, an auditorium that was built in 1931 as a cinema by the Warner Brothers film studio.

Torrington has two radio stations:

  • WAPJ 89.9FM, operated by the non-profit Torrington Community Radio Foundation
  • WSNG 610AM, owned by Buckley Broadcasting

Some notable people from Torrington include Josiah Bunting III, who became the Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute and was also an educator, soldier and author. There was also Samuel John Mills, a Congregationalist missionary and Steven Strogatz, who became a professor of Mathematics at Cornell University, as well as an author.

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