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Whether you have a small or a mid-sized company, having a top-notch communications system is crucial to ensuring smooth day-to-day business operations. Having a reliable phone and internet connection allows your business to flourish, as it provides your employees with access to information at their fingertips, facilitates inter-office communications, and allows customers to contact you. At the same time, modern telecommunications technology strategies can add thousands, if not tens of thousands to your operating costs.

This is where LeBlanc Communications comes in. We are a leading provider of telephone and computer network equipment, software, and services to businesses located in the Staten Island, NY area. For over two decades, we have been the leading name for thousands of clients in need of network installation, maintenance, repairs or upgrades to their communications systems.

LeBlanc Communications is a proud Digium Pinnacle Partner and founding member of the Digium Partner Advisory Council, a special group of the most prominent partners of Digium Inc., known for leadership in technology, innovation and open source freedom. We work with industry leaders, developers and vendors who likewise excel in providing telephone and computer networking solutions.

Why Choose Leblanc Communications

We offer pre-sales consultations and training, as well as professional project management and comprehensive and dependable 24/7 customer support to all of our clients, meaning that you will be assisted every step of the way. As we are a full-service provider, there is no need to have multiple companies managing your systems – everything is centralized and can be taken care of by our competent and knowledgeable team members and technicians, who have been trained extensively in telecommunications and networking. We pride ourselves in having a collaborative spirit and will be more than willing to work with your in-house IT staff on project planning and implementation as well.

Our Communications Services in Staten Island

  • Cabling Installations (Copper and Fiber) - Having a robust and well-organized structured cabling installation is one of the key steps to ensure that your telecommunications systems will be both efficient and reliable.
  • Switch, Router, and Firewall Installation and Management – Network switches keep your in-house office devices connected, while routers allow you access to the internet. Both are important elements to any business communications infrastructure. A firewall protects your applications, users, and proprietary data from malicious threats.
  • Phone System Installation, Support, and Day-to-Day Changes – Having a dependable phone system in place ensures the smooth operation of business processes and facilitates communications. 
  • Wireless Infrastructure (WiFi Network installation or fixed rooftop wireless) – WiFi allows devices to connect to the internet wirelessly and provides easy access to information and mobility.

Customized Business Systems by Leblanc Communications

Choose LeBlanc Communications for your Staten Island, NY business today by giving us a call at 203-938-8400 or visiting our contact us page. Our customer care staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to attend to all your inquiries.

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The nickname for Staten Island is “the Forgotten Borough.” This stems from residents often feeling as if they are ignored when it comes to city services. Don't let this statement be true when it comes to telecommunications. Let us help you with all your needs and be number one in the country!

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