Warranty and Maintenance

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You can always feel secure in knowing that LeBlanc Communications is constantly finding ways to make sure that your investment in communications infrastructure and products is well worth the cost, time, and effort. We offer excellent warranty services and maintenance plans aimed at ensuring the performance, manageability, and longevity of your various equipment and software.


Our products come from some of the world's most trusted technology leaders and manufacturers. All of these are designed and manufactured according to the highest standards, and quality control is always applied before their distribution.

However, in the event that a defect is found, LeBlanc Communications will promptly address the problem by getting the product repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Most of our products come with a one-year standard manufacturer warranty, which can usually be extended to a three-year warranty.


You can proactively prevent problems, enhance performance, and adapt to a constantly changing technological landscape through our reliable maintenance plans.

As mentioned, most manufacturers offer only a limited-time warranty for their products against defects and poor workmanship. When the warranty period expires and something goes wrong with your equipment and software, you need to be prepared to deal with the problem in a timely manner in order to reduce its effect on your organization's productivity and expenses.

Under LeBlanc Communications' hassle-free preventive maintenance plans, our trained and experienced technical assistance staff will be quickly deployed to address any hardware failure or software malfunction your system is experiencing. This reduces downtime and minimizes associated costs.

Maintenance agreements are set up on an individual customer basis. No matter the type or scale of the problem, LeBlanc Communications can diagnose and repair your telephone system or computer network. Our manufacturer-trained staff has the knowledge and experience your business can rely on.

Please take note that although MACs (moves, adds, and changes) are not usually included in the maintenance agreement, this may be offered as an option for an additional charge. MACs include many routine services performed on telephone and computer networks, like the rearrangement of telephone lines or the changing of their extension assignments and options.

To learn more about our warranty services and maintenance plans, please get in touch with our support staff at 203-938-8400.