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When something goes wrong with your hardware or software, don't be troubled. LeBlanc Communications' support team can help you perform a systematic search for the source of the problem so that it can resolved at the soonest possible time.

Remember that your system or network is composed of many devices, components, and connections. This complexity means there are many possible challenges that can arise, and those problems can have equally numerous possible causes. In order to identify the source of the malfunction, you are most likely to go through a process of elimination. Nevertheless, no matter what the problem you are experiencing, there are a few simple tips you can follow to get the troubleshooting process started.


  • Check the power source and connections – Many users report malfunctions only to realize that the problem they are experiencing are actually caused by the device not being connected to the power source or by connections and cables coming loose. Before calling for support, make sure to check all related connections and power sources.
  • Note all error messages encountered – Writing down the error messages you are encountering can help our support team diagnose the issue.
  • Try to locate the problem – There are things you can do to isolate the problem yourself. If you can't connect to the internet, check if the other users within your network are having the same problem. If they are not, your Ethernet cable could be faulty. Try switching it with a new cable and see what happens. When trying to determine the cause of the malfunction, remember to do just a single step at a time.
  • Note all troubleshooting steps you've taken – As mentioned, system or network problems can be caused by a lot of different things. It is important that you remember all of the steps you have already taken so that you don't have to repeat what you've previously done. This way, you can also help our support team pinpoint the problem faster.


Our lines are open all the time to help you troubleshoot whatever problem you may be experiencing with your system. Please get in touch with us today.

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Please note: Calls returned by us of an urgent nature during non-business hours may have minimum time charges billed at overtime rates.