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At LeBlanc Communications, we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our products and on the excellent workmanship we afford our telecommunications installations. If it's from LeBlanc, you can be sure of its reliability, superior quality, and cost-effectiveness.

As one of the leading providers of telephony systems in the Northeastern United States, we maintain a client-focused approach to doing business, ensuring that customer care is always given precedence over our other interests. It is part of our commitment to controlling our clients' overhead expenses and providing added value to the relationships we have built with them.

We offer a range of customer care services ranging from after-sales support and remote assistance to warranty repair and preventive maintenance services. On top of these, we also offer one of the most important components of any customer care suite: customized and standardized client training programs.

These training programs are designed to provide holistic instruction to our customers. Training activities help enhance your understanding of our products and installations, equip you with the necessary skills so that you can make informed decisions in case of challenges, and generally help you have a positive and rewarding experience when using our technological solutions.

Our training programs are facilitated by engineers, technicians, and other instructors who are all trained by our partner technology leaders. If you want to learn more about how training with them can help you better manage and operate your telephony systems, please call us at 203-938-8400.