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LeBlanc Communications CARES about its customers. Our dedicated team of highly skilled engineers are good at finding and solving problems quickly. we're also PROACTIVE. This helps to relieve you of the stress and inconvenience downtime.

Most of Our customers use our "all you can eat" support plan. It is all-inclusive and there are no surprises (that is, no nickels and dimes):

LeBlanc Unlimited Care Features & Benefits

Unlimited Maintenance and Warranty

Maintaining your system is imperative to keep it fully operational. We know service calls are unpredictable and can be quite costly. That’s why we include maintenance coverage in our program. In addition, we provide a five-year parts warranty on your system so that if any piece of hardware fails we will replace it at no charge. Finally, we will also provide free software upgrades as they are necessary and available.

Unlimited Training of Your Staff

We realize no system can be effective without good training. That’s why we not only provide initial onsite end user training, but we also provide follow-up administrative training upon your request. We’ll even give you unlimited end user refresher training (such as when you hire a new receptionist) so you can focus on your business while we train your employees. We hope this will result in greater productivity for you and less downtime when new employees start. Another 5-year benefit!

Annual Carrier Analysis

We realize that one of the best ways to help you save money is to regularly monitor your carrier bills and usage. This prevents carriers from arbitrarily raising your rates or issuing unnecessary charges. Upon request, we will provide you with a free analysis of your line utilization and carrier costs, at least once per year. We will also negotiate on your behalf with carriers to get better rates or other terms.

Unlimited Moves/Adds/Changes

We understand that your business needs may change, which is why we have created a flexible program that allows you to upgrade at any time. We won’t charge you any of our labor for remotely adding more equipment or features as long as you are under this agreement and will make programming changes as needed. (This is a big source of profit for some companies in our industry!)

Disaster Recovery Plan

We have a unique service that allows your carrier to redirect your calls to a backup carrier in the event that your hardware, power or phone lines go down. Your callers hear a menu just like you have on your own system. There are two options for up to 25 people:

  1. Basic menu plays with forwarding to one or more key users covering calls - $450/yr ($38/mo).
  2. Add the ability to “dial by name” or dial each extension and have each user reachable on a backup number of their choice (or take a message, which is emailed). - $900/yr ($75/mo)

Guaranteed Response Time

We understand that your communications system is the lifeline of your business, which is why we guarantee 4-hour response time for emergency service. We routinely respond in minutes, even for non-emergency issues that arise. (Many of today’s systems can be remotely accessed and programmed using the Internet, quickly and easily.)


If we are properly notified and do not respond within the guaranteed 4-hrs for a “System Down” emergency, we will pay 50% of your next monthly lease payment (minimum $250). We promise!

LeBlanc Technology Refresh Program

Our Tech Refresh program allows you to refresh your technology throughout the five-year term (adding/ upgrading phones & features or even buying a new copier if that’s what you need). Depending on how far along you are in the LeBlanc Unlimited Care program, you will be able to add technology costing a certain percentage of your original equipment cost while keeping your payment the same. ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH CERTAIN LEASE COMPANIES.

Needs Analysis and Benefit Review

We realize how important your communications solution is to your business. If you desire, we will meet with you to discuss any changes to your business so we can ensure you are getting the most out of the technology. We will also review the business results you were looking to achieve with this solution and see to it that you are still realizing them. Additional Features for Unlimited Customers

  • Ongoing carrier coordination (one number to call) including troubleshooting carrier problems at our expense!
  • 24x7x365 Emergency Service
  • 5% Discount on future hardware purchases
  • Extended Hours Live Call Answering (8am-8pm)
  • No charge on “no trouble found” service calls
  • One to Two day phone replacement if needed
  • Ongoing phone support at no charge
  • On-hand spares of all major equipment
  • Preferred labor rates
  • Preferred Tax and Financial Treatment (if leased)
  • Priority scheduling for service work
  • Unlimited replacement handset cords

For more information, please call us now at 203-938-8400.