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Network routers, along with network switches, are important elements of a business communications infrastructure. Whereas switches allow devices like computers, printers, and servers to link up in order to communicate or to "talk" to each other, routers are responsible for connecting networks and for linking computers to the Internet so users can share the connection.

Routers are devices that forward data packets from one network to another. In homes and small business environments, routers are typically used to direct traffic to and from the Internet. A simple, box-type appliance that incorporates a router, switch, and a WiFi device is usually all that is used. In large organizations, however, routers are much more powerful. They are used to separate local area networks (LANs) into subnetworks as well as to filter traffic for security and management purposes.

Routers and Ethernet switches work together to be able to do their jobs. They are two of the basic building blocks of network communications. The router forwards packets from network to network, while the switch forwards packets from device to device.

At LeBlanc Communications, we offer a full spectrum of network router devices for organizations of all kinds. Over the years, we have built solid partnerships with leading technology developers and vendors, cementing our position as one of the top distributors and service providers of world-class technological solutions. One of our partners is Cisco Systems Inc., a worldwide leader in IT and one of the most trusted manufacturers of network routers in the industry.

Our routers provide access to a myriad of applications and services, integrating many useful technologies available at your disposal. With our complete portfolio of network routers and network switches, you get to have numerous options when creating a more intelligent, responsive, and integrated network for your organization.

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