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When you need a wiring and cabling system that can efficiently handle long-distance telecommunications and high-speed data transmission, then you should consider fiber optic wiring.

Fiber optic technology has played a major role in the development of the Digital Age. Instead of transmitting data through electrical impulses that run through conventional cables (usually made of copper), fiber optic wiring transmits pulses of light or infrared signals through hair-thin, transparent optical fibers. The technology became effective in transmitting data over great distances when the quality of the fibers improved and laser was used with it. Not only did the fibers successfully transmit signals, these signals also traveled at tremendous speeds and extraordinary distances without suffering any loss. This happens because, unlike ordinary cables, fiber optic wires are not prone to interference from electromagnetic fields and radiation.

When your business operates in a data-rich environment, fiber optic cables should be your first choice. Those who have businesses in the fields of communications and computing are well-suited to such a wiring solution because of the way these cables are able to handle quality data at amazing speeds. Aside from this, fiber optic cables are very flexible, allowing for easy and effective installation almost anywhere in your facility.

When having a fiber optic network installed for your company, choose only a service provider with extensive industry experience and the expertise necessary to build such an important component of your communications infrastructure. LeBlanc Communications is one such expert service provider. We do not only have the right personnel who can proficiently and professionally accomplish the task, we also make use of the highest quality products and parts to complete your system.

To find out more about our fiber optic wiring solutions as well as our other structured cabling offerings, feel free to get in touch with us at 203-938-8400 today. We will be glad to help you with any of your wiring and cabling needs.