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Ethernet wiring is one of the most common network cable types used for wired networks. These cables connect devices like computers, network switches, and network routers in local area networks.

While more and more companies are opting for WiFi connectivity due to some of the limitations that Ethernet wiring is said to have, nobody can argue that when it comes to connectivity, wired networks are often more reliable and faster than any other option out there.

LeBlanc Communications specializes in installing Ethernet wiring for your network infrastructure. Many customers turn to us not only because of the efficiency we exhibit when it comes to planning and executing layouts for them but also because of the neatness of our cable installations. The wiring and components we use for our clients' networks are of the best quality since we know that this is essential to building robust and dependable systems.

We consider many things when planning to make a well-organized and economical Ethernet wiring network for your organization. Included in this list of considerations are the cable paths, the central location for the network distribution equipment, how many areas need to be wired, and how many ports are needed for each area that will be wired. These and a number of other factors are plotted by our experienced and highly skilled team of experts in order to construct the best possible network for your company.

For more information on our Ethernet wiring services and other structured cabling solutions, call us today at 203-938-8400. We will be more than happy to assist you with your wiring and network cabling needs.