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Security is one of the most important facets of every organization's office network. Without the protection afforded by a robust and effective security system, your network and data virtually become sitting ducks for criminal elements like hackers, who can deploy malware attacks or commit data breach.

Security breaches are a serious threat to individuals and organizations alike. Invasion of privacy, identity theft, data theft, and piracy are just some of the things that security breaches can cause, costing businesses hundreds if not thousands of dollars in diminished productivity and downtime, damaged computer systems, and stolen proprietary intellectual properties.

Sophisticated, high-performance office network security solutions

For more than two decades now, LeBlanc Communications has been providing industry-leading technological solutions to our customers in the city of Redding and surrounding communities in Connecticut. Included in our full-spectrum of products and services are the provision of office network security systems that help organizations become more proactive in protecting their employees, their customers, and their overall business operations.

Our longstanding partnership with network security leaders like Fortinet has allowed us to be able to deploy complete content protection technologies for thousands of clients. These technologies offer sophisticated defense against malicious threats that sometimes bypass traditional security systems and enter computer networks through everyday applications like emails, web browsers, and social networking tools.

Integrated office network infrastructure

Whatever your business needs, be it a traditional firewall, a next-generation firewall, or a unified threat management system, we can provide it to you. These office network security products integrate directly into the network switches and routers we also offer, allowing your organization to benefit from a fully integrated infrastructure that is not only rich in features but also cost-effective. It doesn't matter how users and devices connect to your network or how big your office network is, you'll always have comprehensive control and visibility over your network security.

For more information about our office network security products, please call us today at 203-938-8400.