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Security is one of the foremost concerns of organizations. Every year, companies and institutions collectively spend millions of dollars in security products like IP-based surveillance cameras, recorders, and monitors in order to prop up their ability to protect their employees and assets. As a result, criminal activities like theft, vandalism, harassment, and battery are kept in check. Additionally, surveillance also helps in instances when there is a need to monitor customer transactions as well as equipment or machinery activities.

One surveillance platform to protect everything

Now, keeping your associates and company properties secure has never been easier, thanks to the Smartvue integrated surveillance platform. Available through LeBlanc Communications, the Smartvue cloud-powered video surveillance system allows organizations to monitor, manage, store, and share HD video from one to a multitude of locations.

Smartvue is a simple and elegant platform. Its plug-and-play cloud solutions come with remote monitoring functionalities for fast video surveillance that works with a variety of computers and handheld devices like tablets and smartphones.

Unlimited camera choices and high-performance servers

You don't have to be limited to a few camera choices either. Smartvue supports a variety of cameras made by leading manufacturers — from your existing ordinary office cameras to sophisticated mega-pixel high-definition cameras.

Installation of Smartvue surveillance servers is also very straight-forward and cost-effective. Depending on the type of server and the size of your organization, they can support from between one to one hundred cameras each. Additionally, you can also record video either in the cloud or just locally.

Viewing and managing thousands of servers and cameras can also be easily done using any web browser. And because the system operates in the fastest global cloud surveillance network, you can also effortlessly search, playback, and share recorded HD videos.

To get a better idea about how the Smartvue network video platform can help your organization improve its surveillance capability, please call us today at 203-938-8400.