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As their security concerns grow every day, organizations continue to invest in smart technologies that allow them to monitor employee and outsider activities within and around their business premises.

With this in mind, LeBlanc Communications has brought to the table sophisticated and feature-rich integrated network video systems. These are now being used by companies and institutions of all kinds and sizes, creating safer enterprise environments for thousands of people.

As a leading technology provider, we have forged partnerships with some of the most innovative developers and vendors in the industry today, enabling us to deliver superior integrated network video systems. One of these pacesetters is Smartvue, which keeps millions of people, places, and assets worldwide safe through amazing video surveillance technologies. These installations offer complete, enterprise-wide technological solutions that allow organizations to monitor, manage, store, and share videos efficiently.

Our integrated network video systems enable reliable and professional network video surveillance with simple and elegant functionalities. With Smartvue in particular, you simply plug the NVR into your network, place the cameras where needed, and within minutes, you can manage one or a thousand recorders and cameras from anywhere in the world using a web browser on any Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, or Android device.

Some of the advantages of our integrated network video systems are as follows:

  • Revolutionary – We offer revolutionary solutions for video surveillance and interactive online video that deliver leading-edge network videos through an affordable and integrated plug-and-play system.
  • Completely integrated – We offer complete and fully integrated professional network video systems with wireless and wired cameras, network video recorders, and remote access built in. There is simply nothing else to buy.
  • Plug-and-play operability – Install any other IP video system and you better have an IT degree. Setup our integrated network video systems, and you can do it in just minutes. Our products offer self-configuring and fully integrated network cameras and recorders.
  • No wires needed – Why run wire? Only Smartvue video cameras and recorders offer integrated 802.11N wireless for up to 5 times the range of other wireless network cameras.
  • See more – With Smartvue, you'll be able to see more than 6 times the detail of a VGA camera. The cameras have powerful sensors that offer amazing quality, color, and low light performance.
  • Save more – Smartvue network video recorders are available with powerful drives so you can store more data. HD recorders and cloud server platforms for larger installations can accommodate as much as 144TB in storage.
  • Manage it online – Our integrated network video systems allow you to manage and view up to thousands of systems from one online web interface. This peer-to-peer service makes remote access from almost any PC or cell phone fast and easy.
  • Integrated 2-way audio – Smartvue cameras include a microphone and speaker with integrated two-way audio. The free online VoIP service makes it easy to talk to anybody from anywhere.

Call us today at 203-938-8400 to find out more about our integrated network video solutions and other technologies we can deploy for your organization.