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Nowadays, enterprises of all kinds continue to invest in modern and intelligent technological implements that streamline communication, shore up security efforts, and save organizations thousands of dollars in operating costs.

Whether your business is a retail store, a consultancy firm, a medical clinic, or a warehouse facility, you need to be able to keep your people and assets secure. That's why LeBlanc Communications provides comprehensive, enterprise-wide office camera systems from leading technological innovators like Smartvue to deliver leading-edge surveillance storage and management platforms.

Our smart office camera solutions integrate distinct video and audio systems transmitted to and from various devices — from analog and network-based video cameras to smart phones and computer browsers. As such, you can perform various tasks with ease. You can view and manage even thousands of servers and cameras from any web browser. You can also search, playback, and, share recorded HD video through super-fast cloud-based or locally based surveillance networks. What's more, you can do all of these with the benefit of our devices' straightforward plug-and-play operability.

To learn more about the office camera systems that we carry, please call us at 203-938-8400. We will be more than happy to discuss your communication and security needs so that we can determine the best plan and platform for your organization.