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Voice over Internet protocol or VoIP technology has emerged as one of the most reliable and cost-effective way for organizations to communicate with their colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders wherever in the world they may be. VoIP works by transmitting voice communications as digital data using high-speed internet connection instead of analog phone lines, allowing users to have their telephone and computer networks to work in synergy and breaking the limitations of traditional phone systems.

If you are looking for a feature-rich call management telephony system for your organization, look no further. LeBlanc Communications brings to the table VoIP phone services with numerous functionalities for enterprises and institutions of all sizes. No matter what feature you need, be it long distance communications, call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID, or associated mobile applications, we have the right VoIP phone system for you.

The benefits of IP telephony

The rise in the popularity of VoIP phone systems is largely due to the significant benefits that they afford organizations compared to legacy phone systems. VoIP telephony generally provides a great return on your investment. Some of its benefits which can have a positive impact on your bottom line are the following:

  • VoIP can reduce communications costs particularly for businesses with multiple offices.
  • IP telephony can cut overhead expenses by allowing people to work from their homes while still keeping them connected to the phone system.
  • IP PBXs are often much easier to administer, reducing the need for service calls. Most users can simply use a graphical user interface to change the device's features and options.
  • VoIP allows integration between your phone system and your computer network, thereby increasing your company's operational efficiency. One can take advantage of not just voice and fax features but many other functionalities like instant messaging, video calls, email, image sending, and so on.
  • IP telephony allows phone number mobility. You can use VoIP phones virtually anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity.

What are the drawbacks to VoIP?

The drawbacks of IP telephony are not so much with the technology itself as they are with how it's often set up. There is a higher degree of technology involved in VoIP, but in the end, it is only as good as the network it's set up on. That is why it is critical to have a service provider that has a complete understanding of IP telephony and knows how to perform a thorough assessment of your network to make sure everything will work out from the beginning.

Why LeBlanc Communications is a leader in IP telephony:

  • Strong partnerships with manufacturers – Because of our experience and expertise in the industry, our partner manufacturers have asked us to be on the advisory boards for their VoIP products.
  • Experience – We've been at the forefront of IP telephony right from the start.
  • Trained professionals – We have a number of highly trained engineers and technicians who know both voice and data technology inside and out. We invest a lot in our associates' ongoing training to keep our company at the top tier of the industry.
  • Our approach – We perform a thorough evaluation of your network ahead of time so you know exactly what is involved to make your VoIP installation work from the beginning. We study how you work and how you communicate so that our engineers and technicians can craft custom solutions for you. Then we train you how to use the technology and give you access to the most comprehensive service packages in the industry.

For you to have a better idea about how VoIP technology can help optimize your business operations, please call us today at 203-938-8400.