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In recent years, more and more businesses have begun taking advantage of IP phones, devices which rely on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology for placing and transmitting telephone calls.

VoIP technology allows you to have your telephones and your computers work together. Simply put, VoIP is the use of computer network technology to transmit voice calls. It converts analog signals like voice calls into digital data that can be transmitted over networks like the internet. This groundbreaking technology has completely revolutionized the way people communicate. By not using telephone networks or telephony service providers, businesses are afforded a number of financial and technical benefits. The advantages include the following:

  • Reduced costs for phone calls – Since the telephone companies' networks are bypassed, you get to avoid their charges altogether.
  • All-around connectivity – IP phones broadcast their data over the internet, so you can practically make a call from anywhere in the world as long as you have broadband connectivity.
  • Good scalability – IP phone systems are the most scalable types of phone systems because they are not restricted by certain number of physical phone connections. If you need more connections, you just simply connect a new IP phone to your router, and you're good to go!
  • Feature-rich – You can do more than just call with an IP phone. Depending on the product, IP phones can carry hardware and software that will allow you to take advantage of a variety of features and functionalities, like programmable buttons, conferencing capability, voicemail to email transcription, auto attendant feature, caller ID, call waiting, and so on.

At LeBlanc Communications, we offer IP phones created by some of the world's most innovative technology companies. With so many benefits to using these devices for your business communication needs, investing in IP phones is a sure way to enhance your employees' productivity and improve your business performance.

Please call us today at 203-938-8400 to learn more about these products and the accompanying services we offer.