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For many years, auditing of phone bills has been a core requirement for many businesses. Thanks to cost and bill auditing, organizations are able to save upwards of 50 percent on their current phone and network expenses, which translates to thousands of dollars of savings every year.

Nowadays, enterprises need cost and bill auditing more than ever. Companies pay a lot of bills, and many of these can contain errors and overcharges. One can only imagine all the erroneous bills being received regularly by a fair-sized company for all its landline and wireless phones, as well as its Internet access lines. Companies could also be paying for phone lines they don't really need or for telephone services that can be replaced by more affordable alternatives.

Thankfully, you don't have to go over these bills yourself. At LeBlanc Communications, we can perform comprehensive auditing wherein we'll check the bills vis-à-vis what your company looks like and what its requirements are to find any discrepancies.

Potential Findings:

  • Existing telephone lines are more than what your company needs, causing unnecessary expenses
  • There may be new technologies available that can reduce telecommunications costs; one example is communication through VoIP technology
  • Personal long distance calls made by employees are not being recovered
  • You are paying for telecommunication lines in vacated buildings or office spaces
  • Charges for telephone services have surpassed allowable tariff rates
  • Telephone carriers are charging you erroneous amounts
  • Calling cards are being used to make unofficial long distance calls
  • Your network is not taking advantage of the most economical plans for extended area calls
  • In order to avoid charges for personal long distance-calls, employees might have provided the 800 telephone number to their out-of-town relatives and friends, who then call them at work
  • Calls being made through modems are lasting several hours or days long
  • You are paying for unnecessary telephone features
  • There is an excessive use of directory assistance for personal calls
  • Third party calls are being charged back to the company
  • There is an excessive use of operator-assisted calls

The objectives of LeBlanc Communications' telephone service audit are to review the adequacy of controls over telephone services and to identify areas for potential cost savings. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars with our thorough audits. Let us see what we can save for you. Please call us at 203-938-8400 to learn more.