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At LeBlanc Communications, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver high-quality and dependable telecommunications services to our clients. We understand that in order for customers to enjoy optimum business performance, they should be afforded a network that performs at its best all time — always available, reliable, and secure.

One key component that contributes to overall network quality is efficient carrier management. Carriers are an integral part of all telecommunications projects, and this is all the more true when users experience problems with any of their network services. When such difficulties arise, it could take a long time before the problems are fixed. Furthermore, when your offices are distributed across different geographical locations, then you also have to cope with having to coordinate with multiple carriers and vendors.

But why suffer such a challenging task when you can count on LeBlanc Communications to do all these things for you instead? We offer comprehensive carrier management services that serve as your leverage for more efficient and more cost-effective communications.

Our carrier management services include:

  • Initial evaluation of your organizations' communications requirements
  • Evaluation of your existing service contracts, rate plans, and strategies
  • Carrier analysis and selection
  • Contract negotiation with preferred carrier or telecommunications service provider
  • Integration and provisioning of network infrastructure and components
  • Telecommunications cost and bill auditing

At all stages of carrier management, LeBlanc Communications will act as your organization's agent in engaging with carriers. And because carriers will have a single point of contact, all service-related issues can be addressed and resolved in the most efficient manner possible.

LeBlanc Communications is part of the largest national group of agents that manage carriers. Our group manages more than 100 carriers and is the top agent for most of those companies. This means you get better experience, better deals on pricing, faster problem resolution if anything goes wrong, and the ability to choose carriers nationally and internationally.

If you want to know more about out carrier management services, please call us today at 203-938-8400. You can also see a list of our carrier partners here.