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For many enterprises, the most important business tool is the telephone system. In the past, employing a conventional PBX (private branch exchange) phone system in office environments was the norm. It was the most practical communication tool to have as it allowed employees to possess a telephone line without having to be connected directly to the public telephone system. Because of such systems, organizations were able to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses from additional phone lines.

However, as the communications requirements of businesses became more complex, and as high speed internet became increasingly affordable and ubiquitous, more and more enterprises began relying on phone systems that not only allow traditional phone calls through a PBX system but also run on Internet Protocol (IP) networks and provide media-rich communication experience.

At LeBlanc Communications, we understand that you need the right phone system that will allow your organization to communicate more efficiently. That's why we collaborate with world-class vendors such as Digium, Zultys, Panasonic, ESI, Cisco, Freedom Voice, and RHUB in order to deliver cutting-edge communications technology products. These equipment come in a variety of configurations and offer a wide array of features and benefits.

From IP phone systems and web conferencing platforms to communication software and universal gateway devices, our products have helped thousands of businesses to build robust and efficient communications systems.

For inquiries, please don't hesitate to call us at 203-938-8400. You can count on us to help you survey, test, implement, and maintain your business' phone system at the most affordable rates.