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The objectives of a LeBlanc Telephone Service Audit is to review the adequacy of controls over telephone services and to identify areas for potential cost savings. We have saved clients thousands of dollars with our thorough audits. Let us see what we can save for you.

We Can Help Identify Potential Savings For Your Business

  • Existing telephone lines exceed installation's telephone needs causing unnecessary costs.
  • New technologies available that reduce telecommunications costs.
  • Installation is paying for telephone lines in vacated buildings.
  • Charges for telephone services have exceeded allowable tariff rates.
  • Erroneous bills/charges by telephone carriers.
  • Personal long distance calls aren't being recouped.
  • Installations may not be in the most economical plan for extended area calls.
  • Employees have provided the 800 telephone number to their out of town relatives and friends to call them at the work place, thereby, avoiding the charges of personal long distance calls.
  • Calling cards are used to make unofficial long distance calls.
  • Calls made through modems have lasted several hours or days long.
  • Excessive use of directory assistance made for personal calls.
  • Third party calls are billed back to the organization.
  • Unneeded telephone features.
  • Excessive use of operator assisted calls.

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