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For almost 20 years, FreedomVoice has been providing cutting edge telecommunications solutions to growing enterprises around the world. With its signature hosted VoIP products and VoIP phones, the company helps small to medium enterprises meet the demands of an increasingly connected business world.

Whether you need the infrastructure to keep your employees connected or you need a blanket solution that enables you to engage your customers in a dynamic way, FreedomVoice is an excellent choice. Choose from their diverse selection of VoIP phone systems and hosted VoIP services to find a solution that suits your needs.

FreedomVoice knows that your telephony systems should help you address business problems – not create them. Their phone systems are designed for easy deployment, low maintenance requirements and maximum availability. If you want to learn more about FreedomVoice and its products, click on the link below.

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Staying Ahead of the Curve

Hosted VoIP technology has advanced considerably in recent years, and FreedomIQ has been designed to take full advantage of these developments. We’ve built our cloud-based VoIP platform from the ground up, complete with the infrastructure and features that keep our valued customers ahead of their competition.

  • ACD & Call Queue
  • CRM Integrations
  • Softphone Software
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Recorded Calls

Hassle-Free VoIP

Your business phone system should help you solve problems, not create new ones. If it costs you more time and money to deploy, manage, and maintain your phone system hardware than its features are helping you save, where’s the value?

A FreedomIQ hosted VoIP phone system is guaranteed to stop the headaches and unnecessary expense. With plug-and-play VoIP phones and a broadband Internet connection, your business can be up-and-running with reliable, hassle-free phone service within minutes.

Small Office VoIP Solutions

Hosted VoIP makes for an unrivaled phone solution for small offices. Get all the features and appearance of an enterprise PBX without the hefty price tag.

Small Office VoIP Solutions

Built-In Disaster Recovery

As a managed service, FreedomIQ means never having to worry about damaged hardware or natural disasters bringing down your phone system. Our fully-redundant hosted VoIP platform keeps your phone service online.

Even if your office is damaged or inaccessible, your FreedomIQ WebLink interface allows you online access to instantly reroute your calls to available emergency phones or cell phones.

VoIP Benefits

Call Center VoIP Solutions

FreedomIQ offers the latest call center management tools, from recording and monitoring live calls to generating visual call reports from the web.

Call Center VoIP Solutions