Digium Switchvox 310 Connecticut & New York

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Digium Switchvox 310 Connecticut & New York

The Switchvox 310 is designed for small businesses who need to support 1 - 150 users and up to 45 concurrent calls.

Switchvox appliances come in six sizes so that you can have a powerful VoIP phone system to help your company communicate smarter. The intuitive Switchboard point-and-click interface allows you to manage every aspect of Switchvox from anywhere you have Internet access. And with integrated support for mobile users, you can take your office on the road and communicate anywhere, anytime. As your business grows, Switchvox grows with you. Switchvox systems can be peered together to easily link your office locations, so you're sure to find a solution that fits your needs. Each system is running exactly the same version of Digium's Switchvox software, so you have access to the same award-winning features.

    Ideal For
    • Offices that do not have a computer rack and need the space savings of a small platform.
    • Supports 1 to 150 users
    • Up to 45 concurrent calls
    • Recording/Conferencing included
    • The best value for your phone system
    • No expensive add-ons required
    • Connect remote and mobile workers with ease

For more information on our installation services, call 203-938-8400 or complete our contact form and we will be happy to advise you on the phones that work best for your needs.