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Two things this month you might find interesting...

First, you have probably heard of cellular mobile WiFi hot spots. Verizon, ATT and others offer little black boxes that give you WiFi on the road for only $20-$30/month, usable by yours and your friends' laptops. But what if your whole company (wired computers, business phones, etc.) needs Internet when your cable modem goes out? And what if you are off-site for a day or week and need it all connected?

a communications cradle point.

The Cradle Point device from T-Mobile fits the bill. It provides cellular Internet, but with a wireless OR WIRED connection. This means you can plug it into your company's firewall as a second Internet (as a backup), or take it anywhere you go. The service is FAST! I get over 25 Megabit download and 5 Megabit upload speeds.

It costs $500 to purchase the device, and then $20/month ($10 less if you have a T-Mobile phone) for 1GB usage (No Contract). Here are other speeds/costs:
$30 for 3GB, $40 for 5GB, $50 for 7GB...$120 for 21GB. Pricing increases $10 per 2GB increment.

Let us know if you want a no-risk trial. Call LeBlanc Communications today at 203-938-8400

Amazon Prime Cash Back!

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Next, do you use certain credit cards so you can get frequent flyer points or cash back? How much do you get?

  • Amex will give you between 1/2% to 1% using its member rewards program.
  • Capital One gives 1.5% cash back.
  • Bank of America Visa gives 1% on most things, 2% for groceries, 3% for gas (max $1,500/qtr).
  • Chase Freedom is 1% for most purchases.

Amazon has a new card for use on its site that pays 5% on AMAZON PURCHASES! I have been using it and am amazed that each month I get a statement credit for everything I buy.

It is one more benefit of being an "Amazon Prime" member (the plan that gives you free shipping). Check it out by clicking here.