Web Conferencing Guide

Over the past 20 years, communication has changed drastically. I remember what it was like to use my first bulky cell phone and how cool it was to talk to someone from my car for the first time. That novelty has long worn off; if I really think about it, I don't know anyone in the working world who doesn't have a cell phone. The majority of people now have smart phones.

It was impossible to conceive back then where we would be today, yet now we have the ability to communicate collaboratively with many people in the next building and around the world through our computer screens. Web Conferencing has changed our workplace in many ways.

If you've participated in web conferencing before, chances are you've been frustrated by some technical glitch. Not only are you discouraged when this occurs, but you might even be paying expensive monthly fees for the service. Or maybe you've experienced a web conference meeting being delayed because not all attendees can complete the download of some software. When this happens, valuable time is lost and in most cases, money too.

Web conferencing guide

Web Conferencing can be a valuable tool for sales, service and general productivity allowing you to:

  • Provide sales presentations with one-to-one or one to many potential customers
  • Promote new products or services to large numbers of people
  • Collaborate on projects between far-flung co-workers
  • Provide/receive technical support and training

Most folks are accustomed to using the popular webinar subscription services. But did you know that you now can OWN your own web conferencing service and have NO MONTHLY FEES? Did you know that there is now a way to do a presentation without your audience downloading ANYTHING (so you can avoid the inevitable delays because of software problems?) And better still - it provides free audio conferencing for 2 people to 2,000!

Our favorite product doesn't require any download and can provide a live video image of up to 4 people at a time during the conference. It works on just about any modern browser, supporting MAC, PC and Linux machines, and even iPhones and iPads!

If you would like to know how your business can be improved and provide this service to your employees and clients, please call LeBlanc Communications at 203-938-8400 to see how we can help.

Contract Renewals - Watch Out!

Customers often get renewal notices from their telecom carrier, typically AT&T, Verizon or the like, indicating that if they don't renew their contract, their rates may go up. Or, other times, they offer a 10% discount if they consent to a 1, 3 or 5-year agreement. The clients sign the renewal thinking they are saving money. Then we meet to discuss phone systems and services a few months later and this comes up in conversation.

The really sad situation is when a customer is spending $1,000 or $5,000 per month and we can get their bill down to $450 or $2,500 per month, except they've locked in and signed a contract renewal. The look on the face of the person who signed the contract is very sad, as if someone just ran over their dog! Worse yet, sometimes carrier contracts auto renew for another 2 - 5 years at the old high rates!

Carrier (Internet and phone) services have undergone dramatic changes lately. Please keep this in mind, and call us before signing anything. We'll tell you if it is a good deal, or recommend another carrier/service if not. Remember - we have 41 local and national carriers at our disposal, and we take responsibility (no charge for resolving problems) if we recommend them to you!

We're always looking for a better way to Give Your Network a Voice!®

Michael LeBlanc, Founder and CEO
LeBlanc Communications Group, Inc.