Meeting The Demands of Your Social Customers

Customers today constantly turn to social media seeking information, recommendations and advice on products and services, and they expect immediate answers. How can you possibly meet this demand and engage across various social channels? You need a cost effective solution and "renting people" might be the answer! Did you know you can outsource people and not just technology?

LiveOps is a full service multi-media contact center that offers cloud-based solutions allowing you to interact with customers where they are! With access to over 20,000 highly trained agents and flexible pricing plans to meet your needs, you can satisfy the demands of your business seamlessly.

For example, LiveOps agents can monitor a company's Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter channels, addressing comments and questions in real time. Conversations can be directed "offline" into a private channel where solutions can be provided. For a busy company, this could be beneficial! Click on the video below to see this seamless interaction.

Customer interaction is critical to business growth; therefore, greater engagement is achieved using trained agents and integrated systems that supply data based on your customers social media patterns. With LiveOps agents you can:

  • Dramatically scale services to capitalize on peak times and minimize cost during slower periods
  • Answer more than 98.5% of leads
  • Earn up to 33% more revenue per campaign and more
  • Flexible pricing plans allow you to pay by the minute for services used. Click here to visit the LiveOps website and ask us for more information.

    A Sigh of Relief

    You've been meaning to call us, haven't you? Here in Southwestern Connecticut, we are thankful that this most recent "Snowpocalypse" moved further east, leaving us with a manageable amount of snow and, more importantly, power! However, if the forecast had come to fruition, many of us would be facing utility failure and, potentially, the loss of business. If that were the case, would your business have been prepared?

    Don't wait for the next storm. Call us now to set up your Disaster Recovery system. LeBlanc Communications can help you weather any storm by arranging an automatic failover to cell phones or cloud-based auto attendant systems. We've done it for many of our customers. Did you know that this service is available for only $38/month for many smaller companies? With basic call answering, you can have your calls answered by up to 5 employees on their cell phone or other backup lines and then transfer calls to any other number.

    Or, for only $75 per month, you can have a comprehensive "Phone System in the Cloud" for up to 25 employees - add all of your employees with their individual extensions to the system, with "dial-by-name," voicemail boxes and transferring to a number of their choosing (cell or home number) during an outage. Your customers will hear the same greeting they normally hear and reach any employee or department they want, even during a complete outage. (Call us for pricing tiers if you have more than 25 employees.)

    Did you know you don't have to buy a new phone system to have this feature? We can even turn it on for older systems, as long as your carrier supports certain features. (And if it does not, we have plenty of other carriers that do!) If you're interested in learning more about LiveOps or putting a Disaster Recovery program in place, call LeBlanc Communications today at 203-938-8400 to see how we can help!