Security Systems - Use the Internet for Monitoring!

A telephone jack.

Most folks appreciate the safety and security that an alarm system with 24-hour central station monitoring can provide. But almost everyone who has a system like this (both business and home users), has an old fashioned analog phone line connected to it. This is becoming a thing of the past! Did you know that now you can connect your alarm system to the Internet and have a cellular transmitter, included in your monthly monitoring fee?

And of course with AT&T and Verizon lines now costing somewhere between $40 and $60/month with fees and taxes, you could save from $500 to $750 per year by shutting off those lines!

No More Clunky Alarm Panels!

Digital security system.

When is the last time your security system keypad did anything for you other than turn on and off the alarm? Today, homeowners and businesses have many options for security and safety. If you are still using that old clunker to activate your system, you should know about the amazing, remote monitoring and security options available using your smartphone, computer and tablet.

With traditional alarm systems, a business or homeowner is contacted when a signal alerts the security system's main office of an incident. If you're not in the office or home at the time, you have to ask someone to go check on things for you. They have no visibility into what may be wrong, and you find out something is wrong only after they call you. (Don't you hate always being the last to know??)

There are two local partners we trust to advise our clients about these new systems.

Integrated protection services logo. The Lexco Security Systems logo.

Integrated Protection Services and Lexco Security Systems

These security professionals provide business and home based systems that enable to you have control, security and peace of mind so that you can focus on other priorities. Both these valuable partners offer Total Connect Services by Honeywell, that make it possible for you to operate a security system remotely from anywhere in the world using most electronic devices or phones. The capabilities are many and with the simple touch of a screen, you can:

  • Monitor expensive merchandise and equipment
  • Safeguard your business from theft or vandalism
  • Monitor employee performance including cash register transactions and employee location access
  • Detect power outages and environmental conditions
  • See what is going on in your own home
  • Observe outdoor space

With a remote device similar to a security system keypad, you will have countless abilities beyond basic security functions. In addition to a system keypad, you have mobile access to the system with real time alerts sent via email, text or video. Video services include remote look-in which allows you to view specific locations at any time from your mobile device, PC or laptop or choose live video streaming that can be programmed around an event or emailed in snapshots. Camera viewing can be set up in multiple locations on your property to best suit your needs. Using this technology from your smart device helps you stay in tune with what's happening at your office or home. Click here or on the image to the left to see how a business owner is using this technology.

If you would like to learn more about this cutting edge technology for your home or business, click on one of the company logos above, or call LeBlanc Communications today at 203-938-8400. I look forward to hearing how you upgrade YOUR security monitoring (and save money)!