Is Your Phone Carrier System Getting it's Annual Physical?

We all know we are supposed to have our yearly check-ups with our doctors, but how many companies take the time to do the same for their service providers?  Let's be realistic - who has the time?!?  We've all heard the old addage - time is money.  With all the meetings on our calendars and deadlines, it is often easy to let years slip by without checking to see if you are getting the lowest rate on your phone usage and that you have the technology in place to meet the growing demands of your company.

Annual Carrier Analysis

We realize that one of the best ways to help you save money is to regularly monitor your carrier bills and usage. Many carriers may arbitrarily raise your rates or issue unnecessary charges, especially if you are not reviewing it each month. It might even be that your bill has been the same for months or even years, but due to increased competiton and options, there are more reasonable rates available. Who wouldn't want to go to the boss and say that they found hundreds or even thousands of dollars you could be saving by switching?

LeBlanc is Here To Help!

Upon request, we will provide you with a free analysis of your line utilization and carrier costs, at least once per year. We will also negotiate on your behalf with carriers to get better rates or other terms. It's like having a doctor on call for your telecom needs.

If you are overdue for your carrier check-up or think it might be time to evaluate your office communications system, call 203-938-8400 or complete our contact form.