Mobile Apps - Time to "Appify"

There seem to be numerous high tech bandwagons to jump on every which way you turn. And whether it's social media sites or devices, many fads become obsolete overnight with the arrival of the next new gadget. While some trends give rise to compulsion and quickly consume us (Pinterest, anyone?), there are meaningful advances that can make life a bit easier and quite frankly, even fun. And really, who's not up for that?

As mobile apps continue to burst onto the scene, we thought highlighting some of our favorites might be of interest. If you haven't been following this trend, you might want to begin to "appify" your world. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what's out there! (I love the term "appify" that I read in YES Magazine).

The Evernote logo.Evernote is great for both business and personal use. This note system aids you in managing web clips, files, and images; helps you save entire webpages for later viewing including links, images and text; helps collect information and house it in one place. The beauty of it is that, as you save your notes on one device, it is available to all your devices after syncing. And you can share your notes via email which is a great feature!The AroundMe logo.

As stated on their website, "AroundMe allows you to search for the nearest restaurants, banks, gas stations, book an hotel or find a movie schedule nearby." It doesn't matter where you are or what exactly you're looking for. AroundMe will find it for you! AroundMe recently became the leading location-aware mobile search app hitting the 6 million mark for monthly mobile users, making it the worldwide leader of all other mobile search services.

The Bria mobile app logo.

The Bria iPhone app is a great tool for employees on the go. It basically turns your mobile phone into a device that has all the same capabilities as your desk phone. For example, callers can transfer calls, use three way conference calling, utilize call display, mute, hold and message waiting indication. And if you're wondering, this app is compatible with LeBlanc Communication Phone systems.

The Docusign mobile app logo.

DocuSign allows you to sign documents from anywhere. You can sign, send and save documents in the cloud while on your mobile device. This app alleviates running around to find fax machines or having to dash back to the office to sign, scan and email a document to someone. As stated on their website, "DocuSign electronic signatures work on most every device (web, mobile, desktop) so you can send and sign documents anytime, anywhere."

The Adobe Photoshop Express mobile app logo.

Adobe Photoshop Express comes in handy because most mobile devices today are equipped with high quality cameras. So, if you are a shutterbug, this is for you. This free app allows you to simply enhance, save and share photos from your mobile device. Use their photo library to store all your photos, allowing files to be at your fingertips without wasting valuable storage space on your device.

The Houzz mobile app logo.

Houzz has been called the "Wikepedia of interior and exterior design" by CNN. They have the largest database of home design ideas on the internet. With this app, you can browse by style, room and location and again, save your ideas on their virtual scrapbook. You can also find local designers, architects and contractors.



These apps are just a few that you might find useful both professionally and personally. If you're looking for lists of top rated apps, click on these resources below.

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We are always looking for a better way to Give Your Network a Voice!®.

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