LeBlanc Communications Celebrates 20 Years in Business!

Leblanc Communications celebrates 20 years.

Tomorrow, October 1st, LeBlanc Communications celebrates 20 years in business! It's hard to believe when it seems like just yesterday. When we started in 1993, the telephone industry was much different, as you can imagine. We were selling digital and analog phones to our customers and in those days, computers were a separate business still coming of age in both the workplace and at home. (According topctimelineinfo.com, it was the year Microsoft Windows replaced DOS as the "best selling software application.")

A few years after our business began, I met my wife-to-be, Lisa. After our engagement, she came on board managing both sales and service. She was instrumental in the early days of LeBlanc Communications giving us the personal touch our customers enjoy today. She left to become a full time mom 14 years ago when our son, Cooper, was born. Lisa continues to be an inspiration to me today. (Even from her post running our household!)

In 1998-1999 when IP (Internet Protocol) phones were first introduced, we worked closely with 3Com selling the very first IP phone system. We quickly became a leader in Connecticut embracing this new technology and what it meant for the future. At the same time, the dot-com phase became a craze and this boom transformed our business. Today, telephones and computers are converged, bringing business to new levels in efficiency and productivity.

Staying on Top - a Whole New Meaning!

A man climbing to the top of a structure.

Looking back, I can't begin to thank you, our valued customers, enough. We certainly would not be where we are today without you! In this ever changing industry, we've tried to remain on top of changes, new products and ways to serve you better. And in one case, the words "staying on top" were so literal, it was frightening!

Years ago, Bridgeport Housing Authority went to public bid for a new phone system. We won among 12 bidders and devised a phone system solution that gave them enhanced capabilities while saving them $11,500 per month on their carrier charges. We were off to a great start...until a lightning storm struck one of the 14 wireless antennas we had installed on their rooftops, thus taking down their communication!

They couldn't wait two weeks for the "tower" company to come out and fix the antenna so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I brushed the dust off my rock climbing gear, got securely fastened and began climbing an old smoke stack which was a key piece of the city-wide wireless communication network. A trusted employee of mine belayed me in case I fell. Thankfully, the climb went well and I was able to help my client and all their sites get back up and running. They were extremely grateful! Thanks to our customer, Alan Cashmore (who retired in recent months), we have these great photo memories! Notice the many (MANY) cracks in the smoke stack...needless to say, I was a bit nervous. That was the first of three 75 foot climbs I have taken over the years to keep my customers in business!

Not only have our products and services changed since we started, but our marketing and branding have, too. In 2004, we asked our employees to come up with a new slogan and low and behold "Give your Network a Voice®" was born. This slogan reflects our mission and how we serve our customers' technology needs. Networks do provide voice for businesses and they have become synonymous with phone systems and cannot be separated. It's our job to manage this infrastructure for our clients, including cabling, Ethernet switches, firewalls and telecom carriers. We truly are your "one stop shop."

The Leblanc Communications logo changes throughout the years.

Celebrate 20 Years with Us and Save 20%!

Save 20 percent discount.

We invite you to share in this milestone and are offering special savings for the month of October! Save 20% off a phone system if you are a new customer, and/or existing customers looking to upgrade. This offer is only valid during the month of October. Mention "LeBlancis20" when you call us!

All set with your phone system? Refer us to a friend who might need a new system and when they purchase one or upgrade, we'll take 20% off your Support Contract for the next year! Make sure they tell us you sent them! For details, email me or call LeBlanc Communications today at 203-938-8400!