VoIP - Is it Right for You?

Understanding VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.

When some people think of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or Voice Over IP as it's known in the industry, they immediately think of Vonage, a carrier that advertised very heavily for many years and was an early pioneer in our industry. Their message was loud and clear - ditch your phone company and get unlimited long distance for free.

Unfortunately, Vonage was a victim of its own success, and its service couldn't handle the demand. Also, the service was designed around the needs of consumers, not small businesses. Because of these experiences, many people became disenchanted with VoIP and some don't feel it is appropriate for business.

The good news is that revolutionary changes have come in the Voice Over IP world. Businesses of all sizes are realizing this success and you can too. A recent article in PC World states, "The telephone switchboard and landline desk phone may not be dead, but they are becoming relics of the past along with office ashtrays and typewriters." In that same article, it states that "By 2013, 80 percent of businesses will use VoIP". Will you be one of them?

One of the reasons clients make the switch is because with VoIP, they have the ability to unify their business, regardless of location. Today, employees are spread out because of multiple office locations, travel, or telecommuting and at times, companies feel they've lost some of their professional image. Just because many have gone business casual in dress, doesn't mean your image has to be casual too.

VoIP is now offered in a way that it is reliable and seamless. Your employees can receive their calls anywhere and when they dial out, it will look like they are calling from the HQ office when maybe they are working from home one day. (Or perhaps you could call from the golf course and be seemingly sitting at your desk!)

Adding video to the call isn't very expensive any more, nor is it difficult to achieve. Likewise, if you use a smart-phone, this can become your extension no matter where you are! (More on that in an upcoming issue on "Mobility.")

The Cablevision logo.

Finally, the cable companies are coming upstream from having a mostly-consumer focus to spending much more time and energy offering business grade solutions, and this is a BIG deal! Particularly if you live in Cablevision territory (mostly Long Island, Fairfield and Westchester Counties), you too can now experience VoIP with your local cable company. Because of their very new SIP Trunk service, we are seeing customers turn $1,000 monthly phone bills into $300 with more capabilities and great voice quality while maintaining their corporate professionalism. (Please call us to be sure you are quoted for the correct service from Cablevision.)

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