Is Storing Business Data on the Cloud Safe?

Data security via the cloud

With more and more businesses opting to use the cloud to store their data, the question of security and safety is popping up rather frequently. People hear about hacks and data being lost in the cloud, and this brings about these questions of security as well as fear that data is not safe up there. Is storing business data in the cloud really a good idea? Is it safe for you to do?

The issue about cloud storage safety has always been something businesses are concerned with due to the fact that they use the cloud not only for their storage needs, but also for business continuity. If a physical server crashes at their place of business, a company can access their data in the cloud, and business can continue as usual. Security is often the first thing that businesses ask about when they are hiring a company for their cloud storage needs, and this is always the first thing such companies assure them of.

While most cloud servers and cloud computing service providers do assure customers of security, you will need to do your part in finding out whether what they do offer you is secure, and that your business data will be safe. Before you sign on the dotted line, you will need to ask a few questions and find out a few things.

First, you need to know if they do have solid security measures in place. You will have to do some research to find this out, and to check for any news on the company you are thinking of hiring. Check their reputation, if there is any information or news about them that makes you think twice about using their cloud computing capabilities, and if others who are using them are happy with the service.

You will also need to find out whether the data you upload to the cloud is encrypted by your service provider. Most providers don’t encrypt the data that is uploaded to the cloud, which is why the companies that use these services often do the encrypting themselves, with uploads as well as downloads using an encrypted connection to help keep data safe from prying eyes. If you are not planning on encrypting your cloud data, you should be selective of what you store in the cloud.

You should also make sure that you know what your rights are and what to do should someone actually hack into your cloud service provider’s servers. Read the fine print so that you know which cloud server providers give you the best options and terms of service should such a thing happen. Once you find the service provider that is right for you, there are still a number of things you need to do to ensure that your business data does stay safe in the cloud.

For starters, always pick a password that is rather long and complex. Add symbols and numbers to your letters so that it would be difficult to guess your password. You should also consider using upper case and lower case letters in your password to make it more difficult to guess.

When you need to change passwords for security purposes, which is usually mandatory every few months, do not simply alter one letter or number, or even reuse passwords every other change. Always use a new password and always make it as complex as the previous one. No matter how secure your cloud service provider is and no matter what reassurances they make regarding the safety of your data in the cloud, it is better to be safe than sorry on your end.

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