Back to School... How's Your Campus Network?

This month it seems fitting to highlight benefits of the latest school and campus telephone technology. Academic institutions, golf courses and larger businesses on a campus setting know that outdated, underground copper cabling poses a lightning risk in addition to having distance and quality limitations. Over the years, we've served many schools and businesses that are enjoying the benefits of newer technology - IP systems that use converged fiber networks. Below are a few of our favorite independent school customers.

Old vs. New

Campus environments historically have had all copper wires centralized to a hub in one main building, one cable to each phone. You can imagine the tangled mess that resulted! These outdated, copper wire set ups have several limitations:

  • Network copper cabling is limited to a reach of 328 feet
  • Copper wires conduct lightning and can damage equipment easily
  • Older systems are costly to support
  • Outdated phones lack the latest features


Which wiring do you think is easier to manage?

Old Phone System Wiring or New "IP" System Wiring

A better option for a campus setting - business or academic - is a converged voice/data network using fiber optic cable between buildings. This system runs faster and can support phones, computers, security, video monitoring, access controls and more. Below are some of the many benefits:

  • Fiber optic cables can span greater distances
  • Fiber doesn't conduct electricity and is safe from lightning
  • Phone connections are crystal clear with HD voice
  • IP systems yield significant savings, carrier cost efficiencies and less downtime
  • Moves and changes are easy to manage


Call us today at 203-938-8400 if you are interested in updating your campus phone system and computer network. We can analyze your current system and help design the best plan for your environment. We look forward to hearing from you!