How do VoIP Phones Work?

VoIP phone

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, allows you to take a standard analog telephone signal and convert it into a digital signal that is transmitted over the Internet. If you plug a standard telephone into a special piece of equipment called an ATA (analog telephone adapter) you can use your internet connection to make telephone calls. Using software, VoIP telephone calls can be made directly from your computer using software and a headset. Having the ability to make and receive phone calls from a wireless “hotspot” in locations like airports, cafes and hotels is of great benefit to people who are always on the go.

Using VoIP, analog voice calls are converted into packets of data, and the packets travel like any other type of data such as email over the public or private internet protocol network. Using the VoIP service, you can also call computer-to-computer, with both parties speaking into a computer microphone and listening through the computer’s speakers or headsets.

You can also make and receive calls using landline telephones. All you really need is an analog telephone adapter connected to your network, and to ensure the best voice quality as well as security, consider using your VoIP or other communications system using a private IP network.

How VoIP can work for your business

By adding voice to a data network, you can reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance collaborations.

You’ll save money by having one network to manage instead of two. It’s also convenient to add, move, or change phone extensions and locations, saving you money and giving you more flexibility.

Your workforce can use the communications system either from home or on the road. Wireless IP phones can connect users to your communications system and data resources such as customer information, while they’re in the warehouse, on the sales floor or anywhere they can access data networks wirelessly.

Unified communications solutions for small businesses go beyond basic VoIP capabilities in enhancing collaboration. With a unified communications solution, workers can easily collaborate through voice, video chat, Web conference, and instant messaging. Employees can collaborate using each technology individually or all of them simultaneously, and from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Today’s telephony choices are daunting. Modernizing your telecommunications technology strategy can add tens of thousands of dollars to the bottom line.

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