How Accessible Are You When Business Calls?

It's inevitable - you are away from the office traveling or on vacation and someone needs you. Whether it's someone in the office or a client who is looking for your expertise, sometimes it takes a modern day "miracle" to connect you from afar.

Video conferencing provides a means to be present while you might physically be miles away. Years ago, this technology was only available for bigger companies and the process was much more involved. Special ISDN lines or dedicated T1 lines had to be installed to produce high quality results so it wasn't a normal practice for small businesses. Another downside was you had to be in the office to use the equipment in order to video conference with someone in another location. Being able to talk to a client or colleague from a far away destination only seemed possible if your name was George Jetson.

Video Conferencing for Any Size Business

Now, video conferencing is available to companies of all sizes and virtually from anywhere with little more than an iPad (with video camera), iPhone or mobile device. With our new partner, Simple Signal, you can be virtually anywhere and conduct business at the same time. Your expertise is only a call away.

As you can see, video conferencing has improved tremendously. No longer do you need conference rooms with expensive equipment, multiple phone lines and expensive special installations. You can now make video calls from virtually anywhere. The other great feature is that you truly can have one number to give out so clients and colleagues can easily reach you using various methods. With this new application offered by LeBlanc Communications, your mobile devices are integrated and you can use one number for phone calls, texting, video communications and much more. With all these features, you might be thinking it's expensive. We're pleased to say it is very affordable with an all inclusive, low monthly price.

When thinking about mobile conferencing for your business, you should include the following requirements:

Mobility - have the ability to work from virtually anywhere, anytimeProfessional quality instead of SKYPE or iPhone face time that only works on WiFIUnified communications with one contact number using new technology Cost effective plan for any size businessComputer telephony integration - use the same programs you use on your computer from a mobile location.

If you'd like to try out video conferencing in a FREE demonstration, call LeBlanc Communications today at 203-938-8400. Or, if you are interested in learning about using Simple Signal or any of our many carriers, call us to discuss it! We want to help you be accessible wherever you are, whenever business is calling.

Hurricane Season Preparedness

A telephone linked to a raft.

As we see from headlines this past week, hurricane season is upon us. Tropical Storm Debby has caused high winds, flooding and power outages in Florida. Hopefully, people took heed of the warnings. With hurricane season just beginning and 2011's east coast disasters still fresh in our minds, we want to remind you that your business can run optimally if such an event occurs.

Last May, it took a small mishap for us here at LeBlanc Communications to take the leap into the clouds. We eliminated our in-house server and moved it all to cloud storage just two short months before disaster did strike! It was the saving grace for us that we were then able to operate smoothly through two major, seven day power outages over the next several months. Are you prepared? We're throwing out the life preserver now and hope that you take hold and put a Disaster Recovery System in place. We promise, you won't be sorry that you did!

If you want to talk about how to protect your company in the event of an emergency, please call us today at 203-938-8400. Remember, we are always looking for a better way to

Give Your Network a Voice!®.

Michael LeBlanc, Founder and CEO
LeBlanc Communications Group, Inc.