The Harmony of Technology

"Time is money". The famous quote by Benjamin Franklin applies to many of us as business owners or fiscally responsible managers. You've probably uttered this phrase before when passing by an idle employee in the office or at least thought it. But do you practice it by regularly assessing your business processes to see where you can implement new tactics to yield higher productivity and greater results? Time really can equate to money in the world of telephony.

There are so many tools available in business today and sometimes it is hard to discern which ones are most effective. We often buy a magic bullet as soon as it's introduced hoping it will bring glory and revenue and change the way we do business. But not all products can produce great results acting alone.

A rolodex.

Database Applications

We all use some type of methodology to help manage our customer relationships. The tool of choice aids us in managing our connections in an organized way. In the olden days, (way back when), it was simply a rolodex and you probably had a manilla file folder filled with notes for each customer. Today, a rolodex is hard to come by as technology has thrust us into a totally digitalized society.

One of the technologies that is very useful in the digital telephone age is Computer Telephone Integration (CTI). CTI refers to any technology that integrates telephones and computers. One example includes using Caller-ID on a ringing call to automatically look up a name in a database. Another very popular one is to dial a number by clicking on a button on your computer screen. The examples of how your computer can make your phone sing and dance are endless! Click on this video below to see an overview of how it works.

A shot of a video about database applications.

The benefit of using this technology is that your phone system is in harmony with your database customer files and your employees can view crucial contact information and account details right on their desktop screen when calls come in. There is no need to search a database in another application, keeping a caller on hold. Instead, they can immediately make an assessment and service the call more professionally and efficiently with this valuable information at their fingertips. Communications go smoothly and call time can be reduced by up to 15 seconds.

So how does this all work? Some phone systems in use today are already designed to tie into existing database applications. A simple web link might be all it takes to start your integration or your system may need to be upgraded to take advantage of these benefits.

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Michael LeBlanc, Founder and CEO
LeBlanc Communications Group, Inc.