Hands-Free Telephony - Freedom, Comfort and Quality

A headset is a great phone system feature for many reasons. It allows for multi-tasking, office mobility, superior noise control and crisp sound quality for focused, productive conversations.

Selections for hands-free communication include both wired and wireless possibilities, and headset choices include over-the-ear, monaural or biaural designs. Additional options include Bluetooth capability to pair with an iPhone or in-house device, or headsets that are compatible with Skype and other visual conferencing communication tools.

If you've been using headsets for a number of years, you are probably familiar with a hokey mechanical system called the handset lifter. This device simulates a person lifting the handset, which would make a headset turn on. This antiquated system should become obsolete, and we don't recommend it unless it is the only option.

Another solution is the electronic hook switch (EHS), a new standard popular on many phones and headset systems. Imagine walking around while wearing a wireless headset. You hear a jingle in your ear and press a button on your headset. This turns on your phone's headset jack, thereby answering the call, electronically, with no need to pick up the handset. This clever device allows you to answer the phone from up to 450 feet away from your desk!

If you are looking for a new IP phone system today, the EHS capability should definitely be on your features checklist.

Headset Options

Headsets vary in cost and options. Some features to look for are: 

  • Wired or wireless (with EHS capability)
  • Multi device connectivity: deskphone, computer, cell
  • Freedom to roam over 450 feet away from your desk
  • Ergonomic design
  • HD Quality voice
  • Background noise reduction

The look and feel of a headset is a personal choice (one of our LeBlanc employees likes his Playstation headset best!). We work with many vendors and below are a few of our customer's favorite headsets:

Jabra GN Netcom Biz 1900
Jabra GN 2100 series

Wired (no need for EHS), lightweight, low cost headsets with noise reduction features. Great for call centers.
Jabra 920
Wireless, lightweight, low cost, EHS capable
Jabra 9400 Series (9450, 9470, 9460)
Wireless, noise reduction, Bluetooth enabled, EHS capable
Plantronics CS530, CS520, CS510
Over the ear, biaural and monaural options, EHS capable

If you are looking for telephone headsets and want to know if your phones are compatible, click here for a Jabra Compatibility Guide. Or call LeBlanc Communications today at 203-938-8400. We can help you choose the right headsets for your phone system. 

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