Music to Your Ears

If you regularly speak to me on the phone, you know I often ask, "How do I sound?" as I am interested in your sound quality experience. (Remember the article I did on HD voice?) It is frustrating when you have to strain your ears to listen. When it comes to an office stereo system or relaxing to your favorite music at home, you hope for crisp quality sound that will enhance that experience.

Home stereo devices have changed dramatically over the past 130 years and I'm thankful to live in this advanced era! I recently read a newsletter from Cloud9 Smarthome, The Art of Smart and they reviewed a great new sound system product I'd like to share. In addition to Cloud9 Smarthome's review, there is another noteworthy product to consider.

Wireless Sound Systems


If your current stereo is only accessible to part of your house or your office offers music just in the lounge, consider a wireless system to expand the reach. Beep, an audio adapter capable of streamlining music using your current speakers can connect to any powered speaker (that has an Aux input, RCA jack) and then communicates wirelessly playing the same music, or different, from each device. Check out some cool features:

  • Straightforward design - easy to use with the turn of the dial or click.
  • Beep is centrally controlled from the free Beep App on iOS or Android. (iOS7 or Android 2.3)
  • Connects to your Wi-Fi network giving you great range. 
  • Speakers do not have to be paired - simply plugged in.

This entry level system is being offered on a pre-order basis with a $50 savings per Beep. (Initial shipping is this coming fall.) Click here to visit their website and read recent reviews. Click on the video to get a quick overview of how this product works.


If you're looking to install a system sooner, Sonos is another great option and recently introduced an entry level version. Sonos is a high fidelity (hi-fi) reproduction sound system that includes speakers, its own dedicated wireless network, the ability to connect to existing home speakers, TV and more. Since Sonos uses a dedicated connection, there is continuous sound with unbelievable quality. Check out some of their cool features:

  • Compatible with any music file stored on a computer or network attached storage drive.
  • Can import playlists from iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, Rhapsody, Music Match.
  • Nearly every music format file is supported.
  • Connect to internet radio and subscription services.
  • Extend the reach of music by purchasing a Sonos AMP to connect with existing speakers.
  • Control Sonos system by an app on any phone, tablet or computer.

Cool new technology from Leblanc Communications logo.

The wide price range of Sonos makes it appealing to many. Entry level Play:1 starts at $248 and ranges up to $448 per unit with available options for extended reach. Visit their website by clicking here and click here to read reviews on the Sonos system. Watch the video for an overview of how the system works.

While LeBlanc Communications doesn't sell these systems or have an affiliation, I thought you might be interested in learning about these high tech gadgets. If you're interested in learning how I connected my own home system, I'd be happy to chat about it. While I'm not a "professional AV" guy, I am very passionate "sound hobbyist" and would love to share what I've learned! Email me or call anytime!