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Fog-Telephony! (Maybe you heard it here first?)

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Happy Spring (almost summer).

You've heard us talk extensively about both "Premise-Based" telephone systems, and those called "Hosted" (or "Cloud-Based"). You can surely appreciate that each has its benefits - premise-based, with a phone system in your own closet, saves money for larger companies. (There is no per-user monthly fee.) Cloud-based is more reliable and better for companies with a dispersed workforce. You don't care if your power goes out, or the lines get cut or even if the phone system dies. Your system is in a very reliable Internet-based data center somewhere. You never miss a call, even if it means your calls are forwarded to your cell phone while you are down.

So... what is FOG-Telephony?? If you picture the cloud (hosted phone systems) and earth-bound (on-premise systems) merging, that's the concept of Fog-Telephony. In real practice, here is how it works.

cloud-based phone system for business.

On a daily basis, you work from your very efficient, local phone system. But if ever there is a problem, we tell your phones to jump to Plan B - the cloud system. This can happen within 2 minutes (or less), and is pre-programmed so it happens automatically. You may not even notice it, but WE do. We are notified that something went wrong and we jump into action to fix it, while you continue working without missing a beat.

Who can use this technology? Do you currently have this capability? Most of the new systems do, and many existing phone networks can have this feature as well. Give us a call and we'll do a free analysis to discuss your options.

Cloud Computing

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Let's go one more step...

Let's say you store many documents on a local server and the idea of moving them all to the cloud scares you, or you worry that accessing those documents will be slow if they must all be on a web server. (Maybe you're right...)

So why not employ the same FOG strategy for your server files as well? Similarly, with a server locally and a server in the cloud, always talking to each other, you can choose where to access the files, and any changes made are synchronized both ways - up and down. Now you have the safety and reliability of knowing there are at least two copies of your files, and you can access them from whichever server you prefer.

cloud-based phone system for business logo.

Is this affordable? Sure thing - we can do an analysis for you. Just give us a call today at 203-938-8400.

One more thing...I just reserved these two cool web domains - fogtelephony.com and fogtel.com. Stay tuned to hear more about them. The future is anything but foggy - it's looking awfully bright to me!