Fall in Love with your Desk Phone Again!

Our clients often tell us is that they love their Digium phones. We've been selling the system for the past 8 years and the brand continues to get rave reviews. The feature-rich capabilities go far beyond what most clients dream their phones can do, but it's the little things they're most grateful for like amazing sound quality and ease of use.

I'm so excited to share the latest technology with you - the Digium D80 touchscreen phone. Remember how exciting it was to use your first touchscreen smartphone? Well, that excitement is similar to using the new Digium D80 desk phone. This smart design will have you "oohing and ahhing" from the get-go! (The pictures below are of my actual phone!)

Digium D80 touchscreen phone

Watch this short video below to get a first-hand look at what this intuitive touchscreen phone can do.

The Digium D80 key features and benefits include:

  • Completely touch-driven on a 7-inch color HD screen
  • Affordable at only $329
  • Fully integrated with the Digium Switchvox system
  • Swipe the screen to scroll through up to 100 rapid dial contacts
  • Touchscreen access to visual voicemail, user presence and contacts
  • HD Voice sound quality with Bluetooth and EHS headsets
  • Easy to use and beautiful!

Call me today at 203-938-8400 to learn more or ask to see a demo - I'd love to swing by and show off this latest phone!