Do you have the Need for Speed?

A speedometer.

Cable Internet has become a tool we take for granted. At home, users want to watch videos of cute cats on YouTube (really?!) or send pictures of grandkids' adventures to grandparents who live far away. Since cable Internet is so commonplace in our homes, have you noticed what happens when the whole neighborhood seems to be online all at once? You begin to feel frustrated when the instantaneous high speed service we've all become accustomed to causes us to pause...and wait. We certainly feel entitled and that our need for speed is legitimate! But the reality is, with an influx of usage, service can tend to slow down. Thankfully, cable service providers have started to increase their bandwidth!

When it comes to business, what is your tolerance for unreliable speed, susceptibility to interference, and outages that can cause a drop in your efficiency? I'll bet it is probably pretty low, as it should be. Your business demands fast and reliable service.

What is the Fix?

Fiber Optics.

Fiber Optic technology is the answer to improve speed, capacity and clarity at lower costs than ever before. Fiber Optic lines "are strands of optically pure glass as thin as a human hair that carry digital information over long distances" as stated on the How Stuff Works website. The website goes on to explain how the fiber optics transmit infrared laser light which is why images like this one on the left are so cool! (You can tell I love what I do!) Because the lines are much thinner than copper, more strands can be bundled into one cable, thus transferring more information. This technology is so much more reliable that Fiber Optic companies do a SLA (service level agreement) that will identify their guarantee!


Why Choose Fiber over Copper Cable/T1 for Business?

For most companies, speed and efficiency are top priorites. BBWireless, Inc.'s blog post states, "Business owners often overlook the impact that the speed and efficiency of their network can have on their companies' bottom-line. A thriving company often needs access to large amounts of bandwidth. Fiber optic connections can provide this bandwidth and make it possible to transmit large amounts of video, conduct online backups quickly, conduct online team meetings and video chat, as well as making efficient use of file drop boxes and other methods of communicating online." Click here to read more of their blog post.

Five main reasons to switch to Fiber Optics:

  1. Dedicated and guaranteed at the speed quoted
  2. Great for businesses with many users
  3. Superior sound quality and less distortion on phone calls
  4. Less prone to lightning and other electrical damage because it is not copper
  5. Phone service is often included at virtually no extra cost

What may not have even been a consideration five years ago, is now within reach. On average, you can get five to seven times more speed (than Copper T1) for two to three times the cost.

Cable, Copper, Fiber Comparison:

  • Cable:      2 - 100 Mb @ ~ $50 - $250 (Smaller number of users, not as consistent or reliable)
  • Copper T1: 1.5 - 4.5 Mb @ ~ $450 - $1,200 (Slower, may not include phone service)
  • Fiber: 10 - 100 Mb @ ~ $1,200 - $2,000 (5 - 7x more for only 2 - 3x more price)

Looking to add space in your office?

Did you know that you cannot go more than 100 meters (328 feet) with copper Cat5e cables in your local area network (LAN)? If you get close to that distance, the quality will be horrendous, causing slowdowns and errors. But what happens when you need to add a bunch of desks in a remote part of your building and need them on your network?

The ONLY solution is to add a fiber run inside your building. Normally fiber is very expensive to add because of expensive on-site termination of those thin glass strands into special connectors. However, we have access to very affordable pre-terminated fiber cables custom-made to order based on your specific needs. Send us your requirements and we'll quote you an exact cost within a day. Call us before you remodel!

Success Story - Fischel Properties

The Fischel Properties logo.

Fischel Properties runs an Executives Suite Center (where businesses have the flexibility to rent an office by the month or the year) in Fairfield, Connecticut known as the Riverview Executive Suites. Tenants enjoy the comfort of luxurious, fully furnished offices and the ability to share high-level enterprise services and tools, which include a Fiber Internet connection and an advanced phone system.

Recently, as there were complaints of insufficient Internet connection speed, Fischel Properties upgraded the Center from a 5mb AT&T Internet connection to a 100mb fiber connection from Windstream without a major increase in cost. The tenants have appreciated the increased efficiency in their productivity, especially now that so many applications are on-line today.

I want speed! What's next?

Fiber optic internet and voice service document.

Your current spending, speed requirements and location are a good indication of what is possible for you. Let us get you on a faster road to savings and reliability!

We will consult with you regarding your business model (how many telecommuters, where are they, what is your office structure, monthly spending, etc.) to make sure that we get the right fit for your size of Fiber does not fit all!

Click here to enter your physical location and phone number. We'll contact you to let you know about Fiber Optics in your area and start you on the process of guaranteed speed!