Which Should I Choose: Cloud Phone Systems or On-Site? | New York and Connecticut

Although the internet has given us new forms of communicating with one another, phones have yet to lose their special touch. Businesses, for example, require quick conversations with their clients and partners, and sometimes sending emails will not do. Telephones allow both parties to call one another instantly, and hear each other’s voices with very little interference. Being able to do this strengthens bonds and develops trust – both of which are important factors when managing something of this caliber.

Of course, phones of the twenty-first century must adapt to the environment, and be able to provide users seamless and effortless communication. Thankfully, today’s systems have leveled up from their simple number pads and cords, and have created phones that go through a cloud or on-site system.  

Choosing the Right One

Just because both systems cater to telephones, it does not mean that they work the same way. Each system comes with its pros and cons, and discussing this matter is crucial – especially if you are planning to equip one in your homes or commercial establishments.

Putting Yourselves above the Clouds

Cloud phone systems use a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which allows users to make calls over the internet. With the help of the World Wide Web, updating its software is easy and does not require any new “physical” installations. Moreover, you get to set the boundaries of your usage. Almost every cloud phone system is paid via a monthly bill. With that said, you can set your phones in a manner that fits your calling habits and, at the same time, pay for only what you need.

The downside of this system, however, is its dependence on the internet. If you do not have an internet service provider or if you are not connected, it will not work. Also, not all cloud systems produce great voice quality – so be knowledgeable when you are deciding to get this system.

On-Site On-Hand

On-site (or premises-based) systems are aptly named because they need to have the hardware stationed nearby in order to work. It is the most expensive choice between the two because when it needs to be upgraded, you need to buy the parts.

Nevertheless, its upside is that it does not require the internet for it to work. Your calls may be limited to a certain area, but if you do not have to make outside calls, then you do not have to pay a monthly cost.


Choosing between a cloud phone and an on-site system will depend on your current situation. If you need something that is easy to upgrade, has a low-cost, and fits your calling style, then the cloud phone system is right for you. However, if you think that taking this route is unnecessary and quite expensive in the long run, then sticking to an on-site system is better.

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