Don't Be Scared - The Cloud is Here to Stay!

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This past month was exceptionally busy as I attended two exciting industry partner meetings. In San Francisco, I took part in Intelisys Channel Connect, which consisted of over 45 telecom Carrier Partners. Our relationship with Intelisys, a very large consortium of carrier agents (Intelisys being the largest master agency), allows us to give you, our customers, better buying power, saving you money! The big takeaway from our gathering that we continue to see is the emerging trend toward Cloud Services. Chances are, you're probably already using the cloud (without even realizing it!) and now it's time to seriously consider cloud capabilities to improve your business. The benefits are many!

I also took part in Digium's Partner Advisory Council, which is comprised of the top 12 most influential partners. We gained considerable insight about how Digium's products and services are evolving for 2014. Digium is planning many upgrades (stay tuned on this as I was privy to some cool, confidential information) and is keeping up with the likes of competitors such as Zultys. The meeting was informative and I look forward to sharing Digium's cutting-edge info with you soon!

You're Already Using Cloud Services and Software

Are you banking online? Using iCloud? Or have you attended a WebEx meeting? These are just a few of the more common consumer cloud services that many of us use today. But if you haven't thought about cloud computing for your business, a great place to start is examining your costs.

Have you looked lately at how much your computing is costing? Have you ever done a real world analysis of cost, features, risks and benefits? If you haven't, call us and we can help you do so. We have clients who routinely spent thousands ($15,000 - up to $100,000 +) in server equipment upgrades. These exorbitant costs can be turned into cash savings with a reasonable monthly fee and that's just the beginning.

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If your server sits in your own server room, you understand the frustration of having to maintain your hardware. Over time, your processor inevitably slows down and your hard drive eventually burns out; it's an ongoing, costly scenario with the upgrades and replacements you have to make.

With Cloud Computing you'll never have to invest in a new server again - no matter if you use Macs, PCs, combinations of both, tablets, etc. Most companies today have a mix of on and off-site employees. With this type of structure, cloud computing with its almost limitless capabilities can become your super computer in the sky. There's a huge push toward less reliance on 'the servers on site', with good reason!

Top 10 Benefits

Accessing applications and services via the Web, instead of your on site server, provides a new paradigm for business owners. "Pay as you go", fee-based services can be very attractive for small to medium sized businesses whose structure and employee count frequently change. Maybe your sales cycle requires staffing to fluctuate. What if you had a fixed, guaranteed, monthly cost per employee for all their technology? Would that make your budgeting easier? Along with saving money, take a look at 10 additional benefits.

10 Benefits of the Cloud

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  1. Security for confidential information
  2. Unlimited storage for documents and data
  3. Unlimited processing power
  4. No need to own or upgrade your own servers
  5. Always have the latest industry best practices
  6. Inexpensive and scalable phone solutions 
  7. Data backup and virus protection 
  8. Ability to retrieve files/data from anywhere - you can work from home, on the road
  9. No need to worry about Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 
  10. A monthly fee that adjusts with your business size

Determining the right 'cloud solution' for your business depends on many things such as current applications, infrastructure and how you use your data. Do you currently experience a delay in accessing your files? Are there security issues and confidentiality requirements for your information? Do you have any special industry stipulations such as HIPAA or PCI Compliance? Ultimately, where is your business going? Remember, Cloud Computing encompasses both DaaS - Desktop as a Service and IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service and can make your business run more efficiently.

If you're considering server upgrades and would like to look at all the options, call LeBlanc Communications at (800) 899-8642 and we'll provide a high level review and write up of your business to determine if cloud computing is right for you.