The Calm Before the Storm

A man burying his head in sand.

Two years ago at this time we were in disbelief as we surveyed the damage of Hurricane Irene. Many of us were living by candlelight and business owners experienced disruptions like we hadn't seen in years. It was the beginning of some fierce weather patterns where hundred year storms have reappeared within months and the recent quiet summer days we've experienced are a pleasant and welcome change.

Are you prepared this year? Can your business afford down time again? Get ready because if you haven't heard, just this week, the Farmer's Almanac predicted a winter season that "will be particularly volatile and especially turbulent" and specifically, they are predicting a major Mid Atlantic, Northeast snowstorm around the time of the SuperBowl (which is being held in NJ!) Remember...snow and ice storms have potential to bring down power lines!

Is Your Business worth a $38 Investment?

 If your business was inoperable during storms of the past two years, it's time to get prepared and it's less expensive than you think! Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery should be part of your overall business plan when power outages occur.

Imagine having your company calls answered by your staff, even during downtime!

Here are Two options:

For only $38 per month!
Basic Call Answering - Have your company calls answered by up to 5 employees on their cell phone or other backup lines and then transfer calls to any other number.

For only $75 per month!
A comprehensive "Phone System in the Cloud" for up to 25 employees - Add all of your employees with their individual extensions to the system, with "dial-by-name", voicemail boxes and transferring to a number of their choosing (cell or home number) during an outage. Your customers would hear the same greeting they normally hear and reach any employee or department they want, even during a complete outage. (Call us for pricing tiers if you have more than 25 employees.)

We can easily implement this process for you so that when a hurricane or a SuperBowl blizzard rolls around, you will remain in business! Call us today and we'll help you weather the upcoming storms. Isn't your business worth the investment?


Cool technology from Leblanc Communications logo.

About three years ago, our old air conditioning system in our home failed and we "enjoyed" fresh air living for a few hot summers. During that time, we researched the best green and energy efficient technologies and finally decided to go with a TRANE system from Servco. The dual-purpose system has a built in heat pump, providing heat in the winter and A/C in the summer. We are looking forward to efficiencies in our utility bills as a result. One of the unexpected features that we opted for is a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat. Of course, it is 7-day programmable to match our school/work schedule. But I never realized how cool it could be to control my heat or A/C from my smartphone! (Yes, I'm admittedly a gadget geek!)

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use and had the thermostat working on Wi-Fi in less than five minutes. I'm now able to control our heating/cooling in as few as three clicks.

During the summer, as we traveled, we'd turn our thermostat up to avoid wasting electricity on an empty house. On the drive home, when we were miles away, we could easily click the app and turn the temperature down so our house would be cool when we arrived. I can remember times in the past when all of us were rushing to get in the car for a vacation and remembered when we were an hour away that we forgot to turn down the air conditioning for a week. Those days are over!

On one of Honeywell's versions of the product, the digital touch screen can be customized with varying colors to "fit your mood, match your paint, or support your favorite team!" as mentioned on the Honeywell website.

To learn more about this cool technology gadget, click here or on the video below. You too can enjoy energy savings with this 7-day programmable thermostat. It's as low as $149 online or at Home Depot! Check it out!