Before I talk about call center reporting, I have a gadget-alert!!

A few years ago, I bought a preowned, certified, 2007 Audi Q7. This was the first year the car was introduced. Unfortunately, an iPod hookup wasn't added to that model until later in that first year. So when I want to play music from my smart phone, I'm out of luck.

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker

Jabra bluetooth speaker.

Recently our Jabra headset rep paid us a visit. We sell a lot of wireless headsets and he was showing us some of the newer models. But when he pulled out his Jabra Freeway, he froze me in my tracks! Do you remember the first time you heard the Bose Wave radio? (That's the big boom box that sounds like it is a concert hall.) When I heard this little portable visor-clip Jabra Freeway Bluetooth radio play, I was dumbfounded. For its size, nothing can come close to it! It was just like hearing that Bose.

Pairing the Jabra to my own phone was simple. All I did was turn it on and it told me (in a nice, female voice), exactly what to do! (I'm used to a nice female voice telling me what to do. Aren't most husbands?)

Jabra bluetooth speaker.You may find this gadget helpful if you don't have a hands-free system in your car. It can tell you who is calling and respond to your voice commands. Or maybe you want a better way to play podcasts, books on tape or just music in your car. You can even use it at a picnic or the beach! Check out the video on the left to learn more about this great little device!

The Jabra Freeway retails for around $130 at Best Buy, but we are giving one free to anyone that refers us to a business that is moving or expanding and may need our help with their phone system or telecom carriers. If you have a friend with a business, please tell them about us!

Call Center Reporting

You might notice that some of your call representative employees take the majority of customer calls while others spend limited time talking with clients. In our office, we have a few "chatty Cathys" but it isn't until I look deeper into our business, that I realize how chatty some employees can be! We use our phone system's call reporting capabilities to see exactly how our employees spend their time on the phone. Luckily, at LeBlanc Communications, the chattiest employee, Angela, (see the chart below) is responsible for taking most of our calls.

How about your business? Do you have the ability to look at call reporting numbers and see clearly what leads to success or problems?

Clients using call reporting systems have the ability to break their business down, analyze it and take action. For example, those using Digium Switchvox, can analyze segments such as customer support and sales and then further divide data into total number of calls, completed calls, abandoned calls and those that were redirected. These statistics can be viewed by specific date (monthly, weekly, quarterly) to view sales trends and cycles.

Completed calls breakdown table.

To aid in tracking performance metrics by specific employee, you can also view member productivity as shown above for our company and analyze calls by date and talk duration. Dive deeper into the metrics with specific fields such as:

  • missed calls 
  • completed calls 
  • login time 
  • paused time

At the end of the day, aren't we all looking to please our customers and increase sales? Using the Queue Reports can assist in showing business trends so you can better staff your queues and manage calls. This allows you to deliver on your promise of high customer satisfaction. Looking to check in on progress daily? Queue Status provides up to the minute data on waiting times, completed calls, and those that have been abandoned and missed. With Call Logs and Concurrent Call Reports, you can get a complete snapshot of all calls ever handled by your system.

Imagine you are the call center manager and every Friday at 5:00 PM, a beautiful chart comparing all your call center agents arrives in your inbox? You have the data at your fingertips and can quickly analyze the week's productivity. This gives you the ability to address problems or concerns immediately or start keeping tabs on issues that may need attention at a further date.

If you are interested in how call center reporting can help grow your business, remember, we are always looking for a better way to

Give Your Network a Voice!®.

Michael LeBlanc, Founder and CEO
LeBlanc Communications Group, Inc.