Making that First Impression Count - Call Center Functionality

When you hear the word switchboard, something similar to this vintage photo may come to mind. You may remember the sound of old fashion ring tones, wires crisscrossed to connect calls and the pleasant voice of the switchboard operator greeting the caller. Ah, that pleasant voice! Hopefully for the business owner, the operator was delightful making that lasting first impression for the company.

While I remember seeing these old switchboards in movies (I'm not old enough to remember them in person!), I am much more familiar with the computer generated automated voices when I pick up my telephone. Unfortunately, there are times I am frustrated by the lack of professionalism or difficulty trying to navigate to the right department when I make a call. At times, it is downright draining after being thrown into that endless voicemail loop that leaves you no other option but to just hang up. A quick call can easily turn into a wasted 15 minutes if a call center is not set up properly. How does this make customers feel and how does this first impression come across? You know the saying, you only have one chance to make a first impression, so why not make it great?!

When clients come to LeBlanc Communications for their call center needs, we first learn about their business and how incoming calls are currently handled. We ask questions about call volume, whether they have sufficient live agents, where sales calls are routed to and much more. We then take them through the call center capabilities and clients are impressed with the difference our systems can make for their customer experience.

The call center queue experience can be customized with uploaded music, prerecorded announcements, or a message with estimated waiting times letting customers know when they'll be speaking with a live agent. Remote queue options allow for calls to be routed to employees who work offsite, allowing you to handle peaks in volume with staff working from home (one of our most valuable untapped resources in business today)! Additionally, there are flexible ring options for the queue so customers can be connected with either specific agents, a round robin, in a specific order, random, or even "most idle agent" to give the call to the person who has been without a call the longest.

One of the best functions of having a call center is that functions can be viewed on a "modern day" switchboard right on your desktop computer. The switchboard shows real-time status information including statistics on how many calls were answered, dropped, who called, length of calls, etc. Caller ID allows you to see who is calling which helps best route phone inquiries. To see how the switchboard for one of our products, (the Digium Switchvox system) works, click on the video link below which shows a live view of a customer service queue.

Another benefit of the call center is that as a business owner, you can monitor your call queue in real time. Statistics are available to analyze peaks in call times, heavy call days, number of completed and abandoned calls, length of call times, and missed calls. These analytical tools can help you properly staff for phone inquiries and create efficiencies in your business. For training purposes, you can even incorporate call recording of agents to train your staff on how to best respond to the needs of your customers.

The nice thing about most of our call center solutions is that  there is no per-agent charge to add more people to your call center.  (Some vendors charge thousands to add a single agent!)

Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression so call LeBlanc Communications today to see how we can help you improve your call center functionality! And remember, We're always looking for a better way to Give Your Network a Voice!®


Michael LeBlanc, Founder and CEO

LeBlanc Communications Group, Inc.