Business Network Designs Explained

When the size and client base of a company starts growing, a dedicated business network design is needed. A stable telecommunication system ensures that the communication between operator and subscriber is clear, allowing the demands of both parties to be met. However, there are two types of network designs that suit the business environment: LAN and WAN. Depending on where your brand is currently at, one network might be more suitable for your brand than the other.

Business Network Designs


LAN stands for local area network. It’s designed to connect computers and devices that are in a small area. It’s the perfect arrangement for companies that operate in a single-floor building or a home. LAN’s setup cost might be expensive, but it gets cheaper because it uses the same software for all computers. Plus, it’s easy to integrate, making it a great network for small businesses.


WAN stands for wide area network. It covers a larger area than LAN, allowing businesses to reach other companies and clients globally. Maintaining this network is much cheaper for bigger businesses because it eliminates the need to buy file or email servers for each office. It also gives users business-class support, which is available around the clock.

The Importance of a Well-Designed Network

With the differences of LAN and WAN explained, you may already know which network suits your business. However, designing one isn’t easy. It’s a task reserved for engineers, IT administrators, network designers, and other professionals in similar fields. It’s important that your setup is well-designed so you can receive the following benefits:

Efficient communication

The tech experts know what upgrades suit your business and can incorporate them in the network’s design. They can boost your company’s speed by integrating Wi-Fi and Ethernet support, as well as add communication apps like voicemail and email.

Simple Scalability

Your brand will continue growing, so having a network that’s able to support your future goals is crucial. By investing in more intelligent network equipment, upgrading your current setup is made simpler. It also ensures that the quality of your services won’t be affected.

Remote Working

With a dedicated business network design supporting you, working remotely becomes a possibility. You’ll be able to work wherever, whenever, and still have access to your company’s data. Just make sure that you have a strong Internet connection to be able to receive or send calls and emails.

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