The Benefits of Using IP Phones for Your Business

photo of an IP phone

In order for most businesses to grow and profit, they must be able to conduct deals with other corporations, be it local or abroad. Ever since we entered the 21st century, communication has become available and easy to access, making it possible for people to have a clear conversation even if they are miles apart from each other.

Through the use of your cellphones, laptops, and personal computers, sending messages is made simpler through texts, e-mails, and chat boxes in popular social media networks. Those methods of communication are all fine to use when it comes to having informal conversations; but for businesses and corporations, where everything must be done formally, receiving an e-mail in the middle of the night is deemed unprofessional. That is why the majority of today’s businesses prefer having an audio or video conversation in real time.

However, making phone calls, especially for clients that live abroad, are very costly to manage. If your business is using a common telephone and has international branches or clients, you spend too much money just paying your monthly phone bill. Fortunately, there is one telecommunication system that not only lowers the cost of making international phone calls, but comes with an internet connection as well.

What is an IP phone?

Also known as VoIP or voice over IP, this system allows you to transmit and receive telephone calls via the internet. Now, this system was designed to support your internet connection first and foremost and telephony second. That is why IP phones only provide voice-only communications rather than having a video chat like in social media programs.

So, before purchasing an IP system for your business, ponder the questions regarding its necessity.

The Benefits of IP phones

Cheaper phone calls

Making international phone calls through digital or analog phones is expensive. With IP phones, however, you do not have to worry about the price of calls per-minute because your phone bill costs as much as your broadband connection, enabling you to make international calls as often as you’d like. Also, with this system, calling between branches becomes more convenient and free!

Easier and Simpler to Use and Manage

IP phones do not need as much wiring as analog phones do. With that said, you do not have to worry about tripping over or unplugging the wrong wires, because IP phones are connected directly to your computer.

You also do not need to worry about choppy or inaudible phone sessions. Since this system is connected to the computer, you get to have a clearer and more audible conversation with your clients or branch managers, especially during international calls.

Two for the Price of One

Not only are you getting a phone that enables you to make cheap international phone calls, but you will also receive excellent internet connection for your business.

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