Are Your Premises Secure?

A security camera.

The recent tragedy in neighboring Newtown has put us all on high alert regarding safety and security in more areas than just our school systems. Security threats are also prevalent in public facilities such as malls and movie theatres, places of worship, office buildings and more. The days of peering through a peephole to see who's knocking are long gone and in today's day and age, safety calls for much greater measures.

Years ago, closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems were "high tech" in protecting the public and deterring criminals. The CCTV method uses video cameras, which are hooked up to recorders and monitors using coax cables or telephone lines. In the old days, these systems were often times monitored by outside premise protection services. They were costly in both equipment and maintenance services, which prevented many businesses and public facilities from using this type of safety measure.

A recent article on, reveals that trends for 2013 are showing a shift from analog security services to Internet protocol-based devices (IP devices). The article states that, "According to a report published late last spring by IMS Research, sales of network video equipment are finally expected to surpass analog this year". It goes on to say that advances in technology make this type of system affordable while giving way to increased functionality and reduction in costs.A security serveillance warning sign.

What is IP Surveillance?

Today's IP surveillance systems can tie right into your existing network system. IP cameras are connected to recorders and monitors within your IP network, which allows your in house IT staff immediate access to video. The image quality is much higher than previous analog methods and content can be easily compressed for storage without being damaged. Files can be shared simultaneously and instantly while searching capabilities for specific footage is simplified.

Take a look at this video below explaining how IP surveillance works:

How an IP camera system works

Another cool feature is connecting your doorbell with video cameras and phones. When a visitor rings the bell, several phones in the building can alert you that someone is trying to enter. In addition to the phone ringing, video can be recorded so you can see who is looking to gain access.

IP video security no longer needs to be outsourced to yet another vendor but can be monitored by your own IT department or by us, your network infrastructure partner. This latest technology can work seamlessly with your current network providing you and your employees the security and safety needed.

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