The Advantages of IP Telephony

The Advantages of IP Telephony

Many businesses today are beginning to realize just how advantageous IP (internet protocol) technology is when it comes to facilitating communications. By using internet-based systems, organizations are able to build a single infrastructure that supports both their voice and data communications needs.

IP phone systems use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology for placing and conducting telephone calls. Through IP technology, businesses are able to make their telephone and computer networks work together to overcome the limits previously set by traditional phone systems. In other words, organizations today have the option of not being bound to the limitations of telephone networks. What the service providers were able to offer in the past can now be achieved by the right internet-based technologies — only even better.

The following are some of the benefits of opting for an IP telephony system:


  • Significant cost savings on phone calls – Organizations can bypass the charges being levied by telephone companies because analog phone lines are no longer needed. This translates to lower operational costs over time.
  • Better mobility and connectivity – Since IP phone systems transmit data over the internet, organizations can communicate practically anywhere on the planet, provided they have internet connectivity. IP phones don’t need to change numbers, and there’s also no need to pay for long-distance charges.
  • Feature-rich systems – In the past, telephony systems like PBX (private branch exchange) revolutionized the way businesses communicate. For the first time, companies were able to make phone calls within and outside their organizations by using only one or few main telephone lines. Nowadays, feature-rich VoIP phone systems are pushing the boundaries even farther. IP phones are able to do much more than make phone calls. Programmable buttons, teleconferencing capability, unified messaging, voice mail to email transcription, auto attendant feature, caller ID, and call waiting — these are just some of the features of modern-day IP phone systems.
  • Ease of installation and configuration – IP telephone systems are much easier to install and configure than traditional phone systems. Proprietary software, graphical user interfaces, and other exclusive technologies used by phone companies can be confusing and too complex for most people. On the other hand, IP phone systems tend to be more easily understood by anyone who is familiar about networks.
  • Scalable nature – IP phone systems are not restricted by certain number of physical phone connections. Organizations that are in need of new phone connections can simply connect a new IP phone to the router.


IP technology has opened up a lot of opportunities for organizations when it comes to communication. By offering a unified infrastructure that allows users and employees to take advantage of various functionalities, overhead costs are minimized and business communications processes are streamlined.

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